VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski Post-Game - Arizona Wildcats spoke Saturday night with Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski after the Huskies beat Arizona 49-3. The Washington defense held Arizona to 200 yards and nearly 40 points below their season averages.

On how the performance felt “Yeah. Going into it, they’ve put up a lot of points and that was obviously a big concern on our part. The boys really played well tonight and did a good job tackling. It starts with the d-line and they did a really good job of not staying blocked, taking two blocks, two gaps, and from there we just did a really good job of keeping the ball leveraged for the most part and tackling.”


On the d-line playing so well without Elijah Qualls “Yeah. It’s unfortunate for Elijah (Qualls), but it’s part of football and the next guy has got to step up. I think Vita (Vea) went in there a lot and Tani (Tupou) and Greg (Gaines). They did a really nice job.”


On how important the three interceptions were in setting the tone “Turnovers are huge. We talked about it all week. It’s been a while since we got some turnovers. For whatever reason they come in bunches. We’ll take them. Guys finished. The ball went up and they went up and got the ball.”


On Travis Feeney's performance “Travis (Feeney) has got a lot of talent and skill and he’s a hard matchup for tackles. His first step, he’s got a really good one. He had a nice game.”


On if this is the best defensive performance of the year “I don’t know. I think they played really hard. I think every game they’ve played well. I just think the offense the offense put up some points and that was awesome. We took advantage of field position and special teams played really well. Hey man, if we get points we’ll take it.”


On if the game plan with Kevin King out was to play Jojo McIntosh at safety and Budda Baker at nickel “Yeah. Kevin (King) wasn’t going to be able to go, so that was what we worked all week. We have different lineups we can throw out there. Coach Lake does a good job of getting all those guys prepared for different positions but how we started in nickel with Budda (Baker) at nickel and Jojo (McIntosh) at free, that was the plan.”


On Jojo McIntosh’s hitting ability “Jojo brings it. We got him tackling lower in the strike zone. He’s a force back there. It was great to see him out there and have some success and play like he did.”


On what Elijah Qualls hurt “I think it’s just a bad bruise or strain or something like that. It shouldn’t keep him out too long.” Top Stories