VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jake Browning Post-Game - Arizona Wildcats spoke with Washington freshman quarterback Jake Browning, who threw for 263 yards, four touchdowns, and added another score running the ball as the Huskies defeated Arizona 49-3 Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On how it feels to be back “Really good. It feels really good.”


On if the touchdown throws or run satisfied him more “Touchdowns are touchdowns. I got just as happy on Dwayne (Washington)’s 60-, 70-yard run. Points are points and we’ll take them.”


On the difference between tonight’s first half and the first half of previous games “We just came out with better energy and I think that’s big for us. Obviously a big thing for us has been starting fast and finishing fast. We’ve been doing well in the second half, but we had to start doing better in the first half and I thought we did that today. That was good to see.”


On when he knew he was going to be ready to play “I don’t know. During the week.”


On how hard last week was not being able to play “Horrible. It sucked. You just sit there and you watch and it’s miserable. But, you know, it made it feel that much better to come back this game. Not that it made me appreciate it or something because I definitely appreciate being able to play, but sitting out was rough.”


On if he saw anything while sitting out that may have helped “I once tried to help K.J. (Carta-Samuels). Obviously he has his coaches, our coaches obviously helped him, but just little things on the sideline that I could and signal and stuff like that.”


On what happened tonight that clicked in the first half “Like I said earlier, I thought we just came out with good energy. It started with warm-ups and it seemed like everybody was confident and just good energy I think on the sideline. I think that had a big part to do with it.” Top Stories