VIDEO: Keishawn Bierria Post-Game - Arizona spoke post-game with Washington linebacker Keishawn Bierria, who was part of a Husky defense that held Arizona to nearly 40 points under their season average as UW beat the Wildcats 49-3 at Husky Stadium Saturday night.

On if he would have thought the defense would play so well before the game “We definitely thought our defense would come out and be dominant tonight. Their offense is pretty simple. That’s why they’re so fast-paced. Our defense played fundamental. We just came out there and tackled and got lined up.”


On if this performance with the late kick and blackout was special “It’s always special playing at home, definitely being at home in front of our fans. Even though we didn’t have a full house tonight, it’s still that UW atmosphere. That’s what we love. There’s nothing special about it, but I do like winning so I’ll play.”


On if he sensed that the Arizona players did not want to be in Seattle “Throughout the years, yeah. Before the game we were thinking it was going to be just like Arizona State last year and I remember my freshman year they came up here, Arizona, and it was just like crazy; it was storming and they just didn’t like it. It didn’t go well for them. And we shut them out last year too.”


On what the defense did different this time around to play so well “Tonight we just played football. We did our jobs; guys weren’t trying to do something else. Especially we just got lined up. We just executed our plans and played football.”


On how much getting interceptions helps confidence wise “Confidence wise, those guys are ball-hawks behind us. We just focus on the run and let them play the pass and do what they do. I just feel like our defense is coming together. Some guys are getting beat up, but our defense is for sure coming together.”


On the loss of Elijah Qualls not seeming to slow down the defense “No. It’s always next man up. That’s definitely what we practice and what we’ve been pushing through. This year compared to years back, we lost how many people to the draft? It’s just we always have that mindset that when it’s your turn you have to do your job.”


On if he and Azeem Victor ‘tag team’ with each other “We definitely try to treat it as a tag team for sure. We have guys in our unit that are definitely showing who they are. We’ve got Ben Burr-Kirven out there, Sean Constantine, and we’ve got Travis (Feeney) and Cory (Littleton) on the outside. It’s definitely our unit that’s really producing. Me and Azeem (Victor) are inside so we’re going to do our thing too.”


On what it’s like starting at linebacker for the Unviersity of Washington and wear the same number as Shaq Thompson “I mean, it’s definitely special, especially wearing his number. It’s just like that mindset like you set big expectations for yourself, but that’s what I like. I like to play tough games. I like to play crunch-time scenarios. That’s just that mindset. It’s ‘I’m going to be competitive.” That’s what I learned from Shaq (Thompson). He was always a very competitive person so I just got the same mindset.”


On the feeling after winning a game “Yeah, win days are a lot more fun.” Top Stories