VIDEO: Washington Receiver Dante Pettis Post-Game - Arizona Wildcats spoke post-game with Washington receiver Dante Pettis, who caught a 31-yard touchdown pass and also sprung some long runs with his blocking as the Huskies defeated Arizona 49-3 Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On how his first touchdown catch of the year felt “Pretty great honestly. It took a little bit longer than I wanted, but it felt good.”


On if there was a point this week he knew Jake Browning would be starting “He said he was feeling good. I had been talking to him and he said his arm was feeling fine. I figured we were just going to see during the game how it felt and obviously it felt good.”


On how it feels to click like this offensively against a PAC-12 opponent “It was great. There really isn’t a much better feeling than that. When the offense is clicking like that, the defense is playing extremely well, it’s a great feeling.”


On how the team feels about pushing for the post season “Good. I mean, it’s all in our hands; we just have to win the games. It’s good because we don’t have to depend on anyone else losing. We just have to go out and win games.”


On if a big performance like the offense had tonight gives momentum “Yeah, definitely. It gives the offense a lot more confidence. Now we see what we can do and hopefully we’ll keep that momentum going.”


On if the weather forecast had any impact on the game plan “No. We were doing the same thing either way. If the weather was terrible or if it was awesome we really weren’t going to let the weather affect us at all.” Top Stories