VIDEO: Washington BUCK Travis Feeney Post-Game - Arizona Wildcats spoke post-game with Washington BUCK Travis Feeney, who had 11 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, and two sacks to help the Huskies beat up on Arizona 49-3 Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On how the defense was able to perform so well “I think it was just effort. That was our whole focus. Effort, turnovers, and just play your butts off. Getting a pass rush and definitely getting pressure on the quarterback, getting pressure on (Anu) Solomon, that definitely changed the game up and stuffing the run. With that, it changes their whole game plan. They have to throw more and that’s what we wanted. We wanted to get off the edges and just get after them.”


On if this was his ‘favorite victory’ “No there’s not really any favorite victory for me. Every game is my favorite victory. Whatever the next game is my favorite game. I just look at it one game at a time.”


On if the offenses success helps keep the defense going “Definitely. It’s definitely motivation and definitely keeps us up and keeps us hyped up. When our offense is going like that we know that we just have to go in and do our job too. When they’re doing their job it makes us that much more comfortable for us.”


On if the defense made any adjustments made after the first drive “No. I think it was just more so on the coaches’ side. Our coaches just told us we had to lock in and nail it down. We just had to play. We came out kind of cold in the first series; we just had to get our heads back in and just focus.”


On if there was any difficulty preparing for both Anu Solomon and Jerrard Randall “No, not really. We definitely have played guys like both quarterbacks this year. Playing Oregon two weeks ago, that prepared us for both guys. No, it wasn’t hard to prepare for the game at all.”


On if it’s daunting at all battling the top offense in the conference “No, I mean, it’s not. It’s a great challenge. You get excited; you’re playing the number one offense in the PAC-12. That’s a great challenge to take it. I think we’re the number one defense. I don’t know. I’m not sure. But that’s how we see ourselves. Definitely playing the number one offense and coming into game plan it’s like ‘alright guys, we have to get ready to play. We have to get ready to ball and show who we are.’”


On if performances like this carry big momentum forward “Definitely. We just have to play with the same intensity and same level on the sideline all game next week. We just have to bring it again.” Top Stories