VIDEO: UW BUCK Travis Feeney Tuesday Update's Luke Mounger spoke to Washington BUCK Travis Feeney Tuesday ahead of the Huskies' clash with the Utah Utes Saturday afternoon at Husky Stadium. Feeney was the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Week for his 11-tackle, 4.5 tackle-for-loss, two sacks and two forced fumbles performance against Arizona.

On if there’s anything he’s done to get more comfortable at BUCK “Not really, just more so being more technical in moves and just trying to learn from the guys before me, like Hau’oli (Kikaha) and the other guys. Watching a lot of highlight films on like players in pass rush with body types like mine. Just developing moves.”


On what advice Hau'oli Kikaha had for him “He had a lot of advice on ankle movement and hips and just all the time trying to flip my hips around and trying to get my body turned so I can get back on the quarterback.”

On if there is a position he prefers of all the position he has played “Not really. I like anything. As long as I’m playing I’m fine. Anytime I can get around the ball, anytime I can make plays it doesn’t matter where I’m at.”


On where he learned the spin move “I had a good spin move in high school. I just never really used it, never really could do it that good and I kind of just thought it was a good changeup. Just change up the game. It was a lot of fun to do, but I should have finished.”


On what he sees from Utah and Devontae Booker “He’s a good back. He’s a strong back. He doesn’t go down on initial contact. We have to tackle him low and everybody has got to be after him. It’s got to be a dog pile on that guy. He’s going to run hard and we know that. We just have to keep coming at him. Everybody’s got to be in on the play.”


On the guys he watched pass rush tape on that have similar body types “I mean Aldon Smith, I try to look at Bruce Smith, like my cousin, but he’s too strong and bigger sized guy. I look at LT (Lawrence Taylor). I looked at Vic Beasley last year. A couple guys like that. Just all those guys and watching their film and highlights constantly.”


On one theme he saw from all those players “A lot of guys just using their arms and using their length. Aldon (Smith) is always striking and long-arming and using the two hand swipes. Guys other than that like LT using the speed and the whole time dipping and ripping and just getting off the ball. That initial first step just dipping and ripping, getting under, and just using his speed all the time. And he had so much strength so that changes it up.”


On if he has a mentality of being a pass rusher or if he sees himself as more balanced “No, I mean, I don’t see myself as just a pass rusher. I can cover. I can do whatever they ask me to do. I never had a problem with covering guys. I’ve done it before when I was at WIL before. I’ve locked down tight ends and guys that I covered. I haven’t had a problem last year playing at SAM. I don’t see myself as just a pass rusher. I see myself as an all-around player.”

On how much more he rushes the quarterback at BUCK “I’m definitely rushing the quarterback a lot more than ever, a lot more than I’m covering. It definitely feels good to get after it. I’m definitely covering a lot too. You know, 50-50 maybe. I don’t know.”


On what led to the decision to cut the breast cancer awareness ribbon into his hair cut “I did it last year for my mom’s best friend who passed away. And then Crystal Mathis. And then I just wanted to keep doing it for as long as I can play. SO I’m going to keep doing it for every month of October and just wear it and represent them and the other family I’ve lost. I lost an aunt. A couple other family friends who have gone through it and a couple people who have fought through it and made it through and just to raise awareness.”


On if people from home give him a good response to the hair cut “Yeah, definitely. A lot of family and friends who have lost their loved ones have definitely hit me or text me or messaged me and said thank you. That’s something that really hits me. I didn’t think people would be touched by it as much as they were. I just feel good about it. I just want to keep raising awareness about it.”


On where he had it cut “I got it done at Roosevelt Barber Shop.”


On how often he goes back to get it done “I do about maybe every week and a half. I have to re-dye it and all that stuff.” Top Stories