VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Wednesday Press Briefing - Utah Utes spoke Wednesday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith, who was pleased with the Huskies' 49-3 win over Arizona but is very wary of a Utah defense primed to stop them Saturday afternoon at Husky Stadium.

On how he plans on following up last week’s performance “Yeah, it was quite a bit different scheme, but just back to work. We’re looking for consistency, so we’re back to work preparing the same ways. These guys are a good, physical outfit on defense. They’re not really trying to fool you; they’re running similar schemes all eight games. They’re something to be reckoned with.”


On if he can feel a boosted confidence level this week “Yeah, I think so. Even the last two days of practice, a little bit more energy and what not. It still comes down to being consistent and we have to win some one-on-one battles this week with some guys that are pretty good.”


On what Jake Browning did well against Arizona “I thought he threw the ball on time. When he had protection he set his feet and was pretty accurate. It was nice to see some guys catch the ball and make some plays after the catch. But I thought he saw the field really well.”


On why the Dwayne Washington wheel route was so effective “It was really two different coverages when we got the wheel route. They were in zone the first time we got them down the sideline. It was a little bit of bad eyes by the defender. We did a little bit of motion to create that. The second time they were pressuring and the outside guys didn’t do his job covering him on the wheel route. I really thought the first one was a nice throw by Jake (Browning), the second was  pretty nice catch by Dwayne (Washington).”


On if there are designed passes specifically for Dwayne Washington or if the rotation of backs makes that impossible “We’ve got a few things we know specifically he’s going to be in and those are a little bit more designed to go his way. Again, coverage can dictate a lot of times where that ball goes. That’s how it’s played out.”


On if there is a point of emphasis for receivers to get yards after the catch “Yeah. We talked about it quite a bit last week and it showed up. It’s got to continue. These guys are going to be up in the receivers faces this week, so it’s really the same challenge to be able to gain so momentum once you have to ball in your hands to go do something with it.”


On if it’s possible to scheme to make it more possible for receivers to get yards after the catch “Well you can spread them out and create some more space for them. Still, it’s a one-on-one matchup that they have to separate on. You can do it that way.”


On what the Utah defense does well “They’re good against the run now. A lot of people run the ball for a lot of success in an area of physical output. That front seven  wants to play physical. They’re going to challenge you on the perimeter. They play a lot of people in the box at times and you’re going to have some one-on-one matchups.”


On what it is about Myles Gaskin and Dwayne Washington where there are different situations where one will have more success “They’re a little bit different in the type of runner they are. Myles (Gaskin) is a little more patient with inside zone, power, things like that he’s pretty good at. Dwayne (Washington) has had some success with outside plays. Even the one he had the other night was really the same scheme that he had a long run against Arizona last year. It’s a little more outside zone he’s a little bit better.”


On if it’s counterintuitive that the smaller of the two backs is the inside guy and the bigger one is the outside guy “A little bit. And again, that’s not to say Myles can’t run outside zone and that’s not to say Dwayne can’t run inside zone. It’s just that’s the way it’s played out a little bit this year, them having success.”


On if there are any calls that the offense is more comfortable with and can execute more consistently “We’re close to them, yeah. I think there’s some stuff definitely for Jake (Browning) that he’s got a high level of comfort with. By week eight we’ve run some stuff over and over. It’s getting close.”


On the usage of Jeff Lindquist “It’s been hit and miss. I think we wanted to have some flavor there. He had some productive runs this last week, but it was tougher when we did it quite a bit against Utah State and he wasn’t completely healthy at that time. We just wanted to add a little flavor. He’s a captain on this team, works really hard, does an awesome job, and so keeping him involved is important.”


On if there’s still a pass threat with Jeff Lindquist “Yeah. Yeah there is. We’ve had a pass for him really in almost every game. The situation hasn’t arose.” Top Stories