VIDEO: Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser Wednesday Update - Utah Utes spoke Wednesday with Chris Strausser, as he talked about the improvements made along the offensive line, as well as the unique challenges Utah's defensive front will pose as the Huskies and Utes square off Saturday afternoon at Husky Stadium.

On Coleman Shelton“His football is great, his competitive spirit, but the fact that he’s absolutely the one to do whatever we ask him to do and never once has flinched about it. And it’s challenging, it’s not easy to go from one spot to another, but it’s absolutely what was best for the group.”


On if he feels that the line has made strides in pass protection “We’re working on it. Yeah. You look at the whole game? No, not perfect. But, some here and some there, we’re still working on it and trying to get better.”


On how much a young quarterback influences pass protection and avoiding pressure “I mean, week to week it’s a lot of different things. It’s quarterback. It’s running back. It certainly starts with the o-line, no question about that. It’s the guys we’re playing on defense. There are different schemes. When you’re probably a little more veteran group those things don’t have as much of an impact as they do when it’s the first time you’re seeing some stuff. Trey Adams is seeing defenses he hasn’t ever seen before. It’s easy in practice, but game speed is a little bit different.”


On how Trey Adams is holding up “Good. He’s competing well. He had a really good week last week. I think he’s making progress.”


On Utah’s defensive front “Really physical. They run to the football well, play hard. I think you look at them statistically, what they do in the run game, they’re built to stop the run. But I still think they’re exceptional pass rushers and they have been for years now. Last year they had a guy I think who led the conference in sacks along with our guys so they have some really good pass rushers. They’re a veteran crew up front seven, they’re stout, they’re physical, and they give everybody that I’ve seen on film so far a pretty hard time.”


On if they’re similar to Stanford “A little bit different. Stanford, just based on the scheme, and secondly I think their interior guys are a little bit thicker and more powerful than what the Stanford guys were. Obviously the Stanford guys were really good players, but a little bit different.”


On if the confidence level feels different after a big win “Sunday’s feel better, but basically when we get into Monday and to game week stuff they’re immediately starting to focus on what we have to do to handle the next opponent. I like to think that they walk away with a little bit more confidence knowing that if we take care of our assignment and do our job well we can score some points. So from that standpoint yes, but we tend to get so focused on that next opponent and what the new challenge is that that probably overrides anything else.”


On if it’s easier to crack the whip after players get confident with the system “I think so and more important on a week like this to crack the whip so guys aren’t sitting back feeling like ‘okay, we had some success.’ But instead ‘okay, if we keep grinding on this and we have a chance to keep taking steps.’”


On where he sees the right tackle spot right now “They’re (Andrew Kirkland and Kaleb McGary) both playing there. I think it’s helped for the competition and helps them both and plan on continue to do that with those guys. Really, if you look at the last two games, they’ve had very equal reps at the right tackle spot. Andrew (Kirkland) has come out of the gate playing there, but they both have had pretty equal reps.”


On the development of the players that are redshirting “Yeah, I mean really like you said, I don’t get a chance to see those guys. At this point in the season when you cut some stuff out, which is usually the individual periods, I hardly get a chance to see those guys doing much right now. I do think looking at big, long Devin Burleson, I see he’s made some progress, which is encouraging to see. I think Jared Hilbers has done a nice job making some progress. John Turner has spent a lot of time with the scout team this year. He’s a second year guy for us, but he’s done a good job with that group down there.”


On where some of the young guys are playing “John Turner is an inside guy. He’s playing center right now, but he’s an inside guy. Devin Burleson is definitely a tackle. Jared Hilbers at 6’6”-6’7”, is probably a swing guy, but he bends his knees well enough to play inside.” Top Stories