VIDEO: Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao Wednesday Briefing - Utah Utes was able to talk Wednesday with Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao, who gave us the skinny on what his tight end group hopes to accomplish against the Utah Utes Saturday afternoon at Husky Stadium.

On how the offense was able to perform the way they did against Arizona “You know what, I think it was just the kids executed well. We started to build some momentum in the run game. We kind of got some things moving. I think one of the biggest things was the kids were just making plays, especially on third down and critical moments. I thought Perk (Josh Perkins) had a big catch to be able to just start it a little bit. You just saw some big chuck plays, kids executing, and it was a good momentum builder for us.”


On what Joshua Perkins brings to the table “One of the biggest thing that I think he adds is just playing experience. Being around a bunch of different looks, being a savvy veteran player, and being able to know what coverage, where to turn, how to turn with the ball, and then ultimately just a play making ability. Like you said, both of those guys (Joshua Perkins and Darrell Daniels) were receivers in high school that we converted to tight end, so they do a phenomenal job with the ball in their hands and are able to get us good yards after the catch.”


On what a veteran presence like Joshua Perkins does for a young quarterback like Jake Browning “I think, just in terms of their relationship, it’s really just the catching radius. Perk (Joshua Perkins) is a tall kid, about 230 pounds and probably about 6’4”. Really just being able to build if there’s an errant throw or something along those lines he’s going to go up and get it and make a play for him.”


On Utah’s secondary “I’ll tell you what, their whole defense is just a real physical bunch. They’re going to play a lot of man coverage and they’re going to match up really, really well with us. Ultimately, we just to have to match the intensity, the physicality that those guys bring. I think that’s going to be our mentality, being ready to know that this is going to be a street fight getting into it. And I think their corners are tenacious defenders. I think they’re extremely talented, I think they’re athletic, and I think they’re a scrappy bunch. Again, I think it just builds off of the mentality that they have as a defense and ultimately being ready to rise to that challenge.”


On if he, as a tight ends coach, takes more pride in effective running or effective passing “As an ex-offensive line coach, I’m always going to take pride in the run blocking aspect of it. But being the tight end coach is just a unique position in being able to contribute to both. However we can help in whatever way or shape possible, I’m always happy about positive yards.” Top Stories