VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jeff Lindquist Wednesday Briefing - Utah Utes spoke Wednesday with Washington quarterback Jeff Lindquist, who talked about his role within the offense and its improvement as the Huskies prepare to face off with Utah Saturday afternoon at Husky Stadium.

On his role and how the season has gone for him “I’ve enjoyed my role in punt and holding and doing all that and getting in on run plays when I have to. As far as how it’s gone for us, obviously we would have liked to have won a few more games, but we’re in a decent spot to finish out the season strong.”


On the mentality of next guy up “You never wish something on your teammates but the thought is that you’re really one play away. Not that you ever wish that play to happen, but if it does happen you need to be ready. That’s kind of the thought that quarterbacks have, especially because there’s only three of us that are getting in there. So, two plays and who knows?”


On if he still has that level of excitement when he does get in on offense “Oh yeah. I love watching football, but it’s a lot more fun to play football so whenever I get in there it’s a lot of fun.”


On the run-pass option and the possibility of him throwing the ball “Throwing the football is fun. Again, that’s kind of up to the coaches and how they want to use me. Obviously I love to throw the football so when that gets called I’m ready to do that.”


On Utah’s defense “They’re an excellent team. Their front seven is really strong and all together they’re an excellent team. As far as it goes for us, we need to prepare well and make sure we’re taking care of our stuff and go out and play on Saturday and see how the cards fall.”


On where he feels the improvement in the offense has come “This might be a cliché answer, but kind of the whole unit. I think the o-line has done a tremendous job developing this year. I think that’s kind of where it all starts because that boosts the run game and boosts the pass game. I think last week was a great week for our o-line. That’s part of the reason our offensive production was so great. Jake (Browning) has gotten a lot better, the receivers have gotten better, the running backs have done a good job, so collectively as a unit we have definitely progressed this year.”


On if there was a time when he saw things were starting to click for the offense “Last week was an obvious sign that it clicked because we played pretty well on offense. But as far from one day from the next I can’t say it has been like ‘oh, something’s different.’ Guys are always working hard and effort is never in question on our team so it was nice to see it come together on Saturday.” Top Stories