VIDEO: Washington Tight End Josh Perkins Wednesday Briefing - Utah Utes spoke Wednesday with Washington Tight End Josh Perkins, who had a big game against Arizona last Saturday, catching four passes for 58 yards and a touchdown. He talked about that, and about the Utah Utes, who the Huskies face Saturday afternoon at Husky Stadium.

On if there was a discussion about the importance of getting a win prior to the Arizona game “We had a little talk and we talked about it because no one wants to go three and five, so we were just focusing on next week, getting that next win. And that’s what we are doing this week, focusing on getting that next win and taking it week by week.”


On what he sees from the Utah defense and if there are any similarities between their defense and Stanford’s defense “Yeah, they’re very similar. They run a lot of man coverage. They’re a very physical defense and they get off the ball. They’re going to play hard, so we’re just ready for a physical game.”


On if he still sings a lot “Yeah, a little bit. I sing every now and then. I don’t know. Focusing on football right now, so not too much singing going on.”


On if he listens to music to get his mind right before games “I personally like to listen to Future. That’s who my pregame music comes from. I listen to mostly all of his albums. That’s really what I try to get done.”


On if there is one song in particular he listens to more than others to get ready “Not any song in particular. I probably have about 30 songs I listen to before, so that just gets my mind right.”


On if he has adjusted to the wind and the rain during his time at Washington “The first year I got here it was terrible. I’m looking at it like ‘oh, what did I get myself in to?’ Now coming on in my fifth year I’m adjusted to this weather and I’m ready to play in it. We love when the weather comes because no one else plays in it like us. ‘Dawg weather.’ That’s what we preach and that’s what we’re looking for this Saturday.”


On if he’s still taking classes “I’m taking a couple classes, a couple anthropology classes. Pretty much I graduated in June, so I’m just kind of taking these classes to get to the bowl game.”


On if there’s a difference to the players in a earlier start than a late start “We’re just excited that we don’t have to sit around and wait for the game all day. It’s kind of tough waiting and playing that 8:00 (P.M) game, so we’re just excited to have an earlier game this week.”


On what the players do while waiting for late games “We kind of chill a little bit. We watch the other games around the nation and we watch a little film to get prepared a little bit more right before the game.”


On what the offense needs to do better against Utah than they did against Stanford “I think we’re going to have to do a good job of making plays on the ball. We’re going to have one-on-one coverage so the quarterback is going to give us a chance so we just have to go out there and make plays for him.” Top Stories