VIDEO: Washington point guard Andrew Andrews and forward Marquese Chriss Post-Game - Seattle Pacific

Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews and freshman forward Marquese Chriss took questions from the media after the Huskies defeated Seattle Pacific 98-80 Thursday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Andrew Andrews

How his new teammates did - “We got the win, so I think as a team we performed pretty well. Everybody came in and contributed, 98 points so everybody came in defensively and offensively with some energy and gave us life. So I think we did a pretty good job.”

Was that the pace you wanted? - “Yeah, 100 percent. Trying to get them to go up and down, just trying to speed up the game and make it so our conditioning works for us. Just go as fast as possible.”

What was the issue with all the fouls being called? - “I think just getting used to the new rules. I had four fouls myself. The way they were calling the game I think SPU was in foul trouble as well. It’s something we just have to adjust to and try not to use our hands as much. Since we have such an aggressive style of defense it’s going to be hard for us to kind of lay off and not use our hands as much, but that just comes with reps and time and just practicing it.”

What needs to be better for next Friday? - “Our reaction to the back door. Our defense is designed to have teams go back door, so when teams go back door we can’t be so far apart. We need to have our back-side help there as well. That’s probably our biggest thing we need to work on.”

How was it for you when they cut the lead to five? - “To be honest I was just going with the flow of the game. With a team like SPU, they are going to have their spurts. We knew that eventually our defense was going to wear on them whether we were up 10 or down 10. We just had to keep playing that same style so when they cut the lead we just had to keep on doing the same thing, just be more aggressive on offense and defense and try and wear them down a little bit more.”

In general how did you think the team reacted to SPU’s runs? - “Great. Every time they hit us with a run we responded or we did great out of time outs. A couple times out of time outs they got us with back doors out of their time outs but for the most part I think we answered their runs.”

Six guys in double-figures; indicative of what to expect going forward? - “Definitely, and I think it’s going to get even better down the road as we learn more of our offense, learn how to react to different defenses and everything. We have a team full of scorers, guys who can put the ball in the hole and read and react in situations. So for this being their first college experience we did a great job of running our offense, trying to look for the post, trying to get the ball in the middle - things like that.”

Would you like to rebound better going forward? - “Yeah, 100 percent. Rebounding was one of our biggest things we talked about in our post-game meeting. We ended up tying them on the board, but that should have been a game where we out-rebounded them.”

What were some of the issues that led to that? - “A lot of it has been on the guards. I only had one rebound and I feel like I have to come back and go rebound. The bigs are busy blocking out one of their biggest guys, so I think it’s on some of the guards like myself and a couple others to come back and rebound the ball and help them out. I think that will help us out with rebounding.”

Weird seeing Gilles (Dierickx) on the other side? - “Yeah, it’s always weird when we play somebody that used to be your teammate. We had a couple of little inside jokes on the court - I’m happy for him. He played pretty well.”


Marquese Chriss

What did you think of your first experience? - “I loved it. It was surreal just being out there and finally being able to play. Our teammates, we worked so hard all the time, so now we get to put our work and everybody can see what we work hard at.”

Shaking off any rust from the wrist injury? - “No, I don’t really let that hold me back. I just try to play normally. I can still shoot and everything, use my hand. I don’t really think about it anymore.”

Point where you felt like you settled in? - “It was more toward the second half. The first half is over, the pre-game jitters are gone. We get to play now.”

Sense of excitement for the four freshmen to start? - “Yeah, we loved it. All of us have worked so hard. We just want to be able to have our time to play. We’re all real good, anybody on our team could start. It just ended up being us four.”

When did you find out you were going to start? - “I’m not really sure, I don’t really remember. I was happy. You think about it, and now you just have to work that much harder to keep it because people are coming for your spot all the time, so you’ve got to try and maintain it.” Top Stories