VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Post-Game - Utah Utes

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media post-game after the Huskies lost to the No. 13 Utah Utes 34-23 Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On Myles Gaskin out of the wildcat “That was new. Obviously he’s been a good runner for us. We wanted to put a little flavor on getting him the ball. We had some decent success with it.”


On how tough the loss is with the turnovers and penalties “Yeah, all these losses are tough. Yeah, I mean, those are tough to overcome, especially against a good defense and you turn over the ball. We had a couple touchdowns that didn’t get called and we need to finish those drives. Those two were called back and we kick field goals there and that’s a big difference.”


On the key to working out the Jeff Lindquist packages “Yeah. I think we have to give him a little bit of a chance too. We put him in on a short-yardage kind of a zone read play. He’s reading the end on this one and the guy wasn’t squeezing at all; we just couldn’t get any push on the front side of it. We need to continue to look, because he’s a captain of this team and we would like him to be part of it.”


On the Utah defense “They’re stout. They played sound, good defense. They gave us a couple new wrinklestonight, but for the most part we kind of knew what they were going to play. It just comes down to blocking and catching and finishing drives.”


On the pass interference called on Josh Perkins “It was a bang-bang play. I thought Josh (Perkins) made a pretty acrobatic good catch. It was a matchup we wanted to go to, but we didn’t get the call.”


On if it was difficult to contain players emotions after what looked like a bad call “I wasn’t down there. I’m upstairs. I think they were going on to the next play. Obviously it’s disappointing but that’s going to happen. You’re going to get some calls and you’re going to have calls go against you. You have to be able to rebound from that.”


On the pass interference against Brayden Lenius“I have to look at the tape. He’s running a route. He’s trying to uncover inside and sit down and if he’s open he’s going to get the ball; I know that. But I have to watch the tape if he’s doing anything different.”


On how tough it is to overcome such a momentum changing call like the pass interference on Joshua Perkins “It was tough. That was a big play and turned it into whatever it was, first-and-25 or what not. It was tough to overcome.” Top Stories