VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jake Browning Post-Game - Utah Utes spoke with Washington quarterback Jake Browning post-game after the Huskies lost to the No. 13 Utah Utes 34-23 Saturday night at Husky Stadium. Browning went 23-39 for 257 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

On the team performance “I feel like battled, but we always battled. We have to finish better and I’m not going to say too much before seeing film.”


On the team’s success on third down “We kind of run the same stuff, just trying to improve on third down throughout the year. I thought we did well on third down, but obviously we have to do better.”


On how much the rain impacted the turnovers “I mean, we practice in it; we were fine. We just have to focus. Rain is rain. You just have to play with it and you have to pay more attention on certain things. We’re going to get better at that.”


On how hard it is for the team turning the ball over a lot “Yeah, I mean, we were putting our defense in tough situations. I thought they battled really hard for some of the situations we were putting them in. We have to clean that up and we’re going to to.”


On the offensive pass interference calls “I didn’t see it at all, but at the end of the day when we get questions about the refs and all that, if you’re good enough you don’t let the refs lose you a game. We’re not going to sit here and blame the refs. They’re doing their job and I’m sure Utah feels they didn’t get some calls. We have to make it so the refs aren’t winning and losing us games.”


On how encouraging it was to be able to move the ball pretty well, even with all the turnovers “I mean right now it’s kind of frustrating because it kind of feels like we stopped ourselves and that’s always a really frustrating thing. I think the encouragement will come in a little bit tomorrow. But right now, we just lost like 10 minutes ago, so it’s kind of a little different.”


On what it’s going to take to overcome fourth quarter struggles when there is a chance to win “Ideally not being in that situation, behind and stuff like that. Ideally being in a four-minute offense like we were at USC. We work on it a lot and we just have to execute that stuff. We just have to get better.”


On if he saw the pressure coming on the sack in the fourth quarter that forced a fumble “No.”


On if there was a plan to use his legs more tonight or if that was more improvisation “No, just kind of feeling it out and try not to run too much and when I have to go and run.”


On if he feels he’s getting better at sensing and dealing with pressure “I mean, ideally the best quarterbacks sense pressure and know where to distribute it, so I think I can get a little better there, kind of seeing some stuff pre-snap and things like that. But, you know, I guess. I watched as much film a I did against Boise, so it was kind of the same.” Top Stories