VIDEO: Washington Running Back Myles Gaskin Post-Game - Utah Utes spoke post-game with Washington freshman running back Myles Gaskin, who had 93 yards on 20 carries in the Huskies' 34-23 loss to Utah Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On the feeling coming into tonight’s game “Heading into it we had great confidence. We had done all the stuff we needed to do. I don’t think anything surprised us offense, defense, or special teams. They’re a great, well-coached team. They came out firing. We started good our first drive. The offense struggled kind of. The defense did their job. It was just a hard fought game and we fought to the end. We just have to come back tomorrow and look at the film, see what we did wrong, and get better from it.”


On if the weather affected any of the turnovers or drops “That’s no excuse for anybody, because everybody’s in the same thing. It’s just something to work on.”


On taking snaps out of the wildcat “Yeah, it was a little bit different. It was fun. It was just a new experience. It worked.”


On if it was tough to perform like this after last week’s game “Yeah. It’s tough. Any loss is tough, obviously. We just need to get better. Just go in every week like that, win or lose. Tomorrow we’ll go to the film room and do it all over again.”


On how touch it is to have touchdowns called back to penalties “It’s tough. There are no words to explain it. You wish you could have those ones back, basically.”


On if was encouraging to move the ball well other than the turnovers “ Yes, it’s very encouraging. There are some young guys playing. We have a lot of potential. We just have to keep on getting better and keep on moving forward.” Top Stories