VIDEO: Washington Linebacker Keishawn Bierria Post-Game - Utah Utes spoke post-game with sophomore linebacker Keishawn Bierria after the Washington Huskies lost to the Utah Utes 34-23 Saturday night at Husky Stadium. Bierria finished the game with four tackles and one fumble recovery.

On how tough this loss was “It’s hard. We practiced pretty hard on this. A lot of guys had a lot of things to overcome during the week. We definitely feel like we had one of our best practices against these guys. We didn’t put everything together tonight.”


On if he’s ever faced that tall a QB running the read option “I’ve played against some pretty big quarterbacks. He’s just another guy running the ball.”


On how tough the Utah offense was “It was a pretty good offense. They make some good things up. Everything they threw at us we knew.  We just didn’t complete it.”


On Devontae Booker “He’s a good running back. He definitely put his head down and ran the ball, but we’ve seen good running backs all throughout the PAC-12. He definitely showed up tonight.”


On if this is a game they’ll look back on as a missed opportunity “Right now, tonight, I might look back and think about the missed opportunities. But I’ll wake up tomorrow when Sunday hits, it’s back to work.”


On how much it hurt to lose Budda Baker “It always hurts losing one of our starting guys, especially someone who brings a lot of energy like Budda (Baker). It’s just next man up. The next guy is taking the same amount of reps. Everybody has a job to do.”


On how hard it will be to turn the page after this loss with two road games coming up “We have this 24-hour period. Every loss is hard, especially when you’re just trying to play at your best ability. We just have to, I guess, mope tonight, watch film, and, once Sunday hits, get over it. It’s on to the next team; it’s back to work.” Top Stories