2017 Orange (Ca.) Lutheran S Brandon McKinney discusses his trip to UW and also some future plans

2017 Orange (Ca.) Lutheran S Brandon McKinney discusses his trip to see Washington this weekend as well as what other schools he may visit in the coming weeks...

"My trip was great," Brandon McKinney told Dawgman.com shortly after he arrive at Sea Tac International Airport to head home. "My mom came up with me and she loved the campus and I loved everything about the trip from the campus, to the weather, to the fall colors and all of that stuff, it was amazing."

McKinney said the highlight of his trip was seeing the new facilities as well as how different the area was from California.

"I love seeing the campus and all of the colors and how things are so different from California," McKinney noted. "Down there, it's just one season, but up in Seattle, you have the colors changing and also with all of the new stuff they have up there in the stadium and the facilities, it was all very impressive to me."

Washington is one of the four schools to offer McKinney -- the others are Boston College, Arizona State and UCLA -- and he got a chance to talk with Husky defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake shortly before their game with Utah.

"He just said he really liked me and what I can do on the field and how I play," McKinney said. "He said he hasn't offered a lot of safeties because he wanted to focus all of his attention on the top guys and I was one of those guys. That was pretty cool."

While he was on campus, McKinney also got to spend some time with 2017 Servite WR Terrell Bynum and 2017 Servite DB Keith Taylor, both of whom have Husky offers as well.

"We know each other pretty well from playing against each other," McKinney said. "It was cool to spend some time with them and to talk about the recruiting process a little bit with them too.

"They had a good time and really seemed to enjoy themselves too."

McKinney said he's hoping to make at least one more unofficial visit this fall and he also talked about possibly visiting Montlake for a second time.

"I want to see Cal and I am thinking I will probably visit there soon, but I haven't set anything up yet," McKinney said. "I'm also thinking about visiting Washington in the spring for one of their Junior Days just so I can see things at a different time of the year. I didn't mind the (rainy) weather at all, but it would be nice to see what it's like there when it's sunny."

McKinney and the rest of his teammates will take on St. Bonaventure this coming Friday night in the first round of the CIF playoffs.

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