VIDEO: DL Greg Gaines Tuesday Briefing - ASU spoke Tuesday with redshirt freshman defensive lineman Greg Gaines, who was made available to the media for the first time. He spoke about learning from Danny Shelton, what he's improved on, his 10-tackle performance against Utah and what he expects from Arizona State on Saturday.

On if turnovers are a focus this week “Oh yeah, we love turnovers. We’re all about score and get the ball back; that’s our motto.”


On what he learned observing guys like Danny Shelton “Danny (Shelton) taught me pretty much everything I know. He’d take me out after every rep on pass rush and every rep he would teach me tips and tricks and teach me how to play the game and be like him.”


On if he’s doing the famous Danny Shelton barrel roll yet “Oh no. I’m not up to that yet. That’s too advanced for me.”


On what he’s improved on most with technique this year “What I’ve improved on the most this year would be like leveraging back into blocks. If someone pulls away, learning to like leverage on the guy coming down on you. Pretty much just leveraging blocks.”


On Arizona State’s offensive front “Like I said, it’s going to be smash mouth football. They try to drive us off the ball, so we have to be ready to take on true double teams and fight back. That’s pretty much it. Pretty straight forward.”


On what the progression has been for him to get to where he is now as a big part of the rotation “I’ve been grinding, you know, playing behind Elijah (Qualls), having a good time backing him up. And he’s out right now and make something happen.”


On his 10-tackle performance “It was really fun actually. They just tried to run up the middle a lot. They were probably trying to test the freshman nose out. I don’t know. There were a lot of opportunities to make plays and I capitalized on it.”


On if there’s anything from shot put and discus that translates to football “I don’t know. I played shot and disc a little bit in high school, but I wasn’t that good at it, so not really. I won my league championship, but I wasn’t good enough to do anything at the state level or anything like that.”


On what made him decide to go to UW “Coach Pete (Chris Petersen), for sure. I was committed to Boise State for like a year. I committed there because I loved the coaching staff. When they came up here I was like ‘alright, I’ll come with you guys.”


On shutting down his recruiting early “Yeah. I committed my junior year I think. Stopped doing all the recruiting stuff and just committed to Boise.”


On if there were any other schools he was considering “I was really set on Boise State, I didn’t really think about anything else. I talked to coach Pete and I just knew right away that’s who I want to be coached by.”


On what he does to get ready for games “Usually on the bus over here I listen to music. But when I get here usually I just hang out with my guys like Tani (Tupou). I’ll go out on the field and talk to each other and do what we have to do to make this game happen. I just talk to my guys and hang out.” Top Stories