VIDEO: Washington Safety Brian Clay Tuesday Briefing - Arizona State Sun Devils spoke Tuesday with Washington safety Brian Clay ahead of the Huskies' away game at Arizona State Noon Saturday. He talked about the potential of the defense, as well as his pre-game rituals.

On if there is a sense of how big the potential of the defense is “We always talk about how good we can be but we also want better for ourselves; we expect better. We want efficiency and we want turnovers. That’s what we look for.”


On his pregame routine “I like listening to my headphones. I play different genres of music. I start off with a little hip-hop, then go into a little house music, and then right before I go out to the field I listen to a little rock music. It’s a music genre build up.”


On his favorite artists “I like Future, Meek Mill, I like a lot of house music; I like Calvin Harris and Tiesto.”


On rock music “There’s something about the electric guitar that gets me. I like a little Pantera, a little Drowning Pool, just different bands to get the juice flowing. Iron Maiden.” Top Stories