VIDEO: Washington Cornerback Darren Gardenhire Wednesday Briefing - Arizona State's Kim Grinolds spoke with Washington sophomore cornerback Darren Gardenhire Wednesday as the Huskies prepare to travel south and take on the Arizona State Sun Devils Saturday at Noon.

On if they practiced inside today to get used to the heat“Yeah. It was super hot. Yeah. It was stuffy.”


On what it’s like to practice in simulated heat “It’s real humid. You don’t get a breeze or anything. It’s just hot and everyone’s in there sweating and stinking. Just trying to get used to the Arizona weather and simulate it as much as we can.”


On the ASU offense “A lot of different stuff. With their game planning you never know what you’re going to get with them. You saw one thing one game and never show never show again until week eight, so we just have to prepare the best that we can and just try to see everything. You might not see it on the practice field, but you’ve got to watch it in the film.”


On the mindset of this team knowing they need to win two games to make a bowl game“Just trying to finish strong. Stuff happened during the season we’re not happy about, but we can’t quit just because it’s the end of the season in three games. We have to just keep going and try to win out and do the best we cant o win every game week-by-week.”


On if there is a sense of urgency this week “Yeah. Everybody is still into it. Everybody loves football so everybody’s still playing their heart out and everything. It’s unfortunate we aren’t where we want to be in the season. We’re still fighting and everybody’s still playing hard and trying to play their best and win every game.”


On if there point per game allowed is something they take pride in “No. We just go out there and play hard. We try to get the offense the ball back every chance we can, three and outs and turnovers. We just go out there and play. I’ m not really a stat guy so I don’t really look at it.  Maybe other’s do. The coaches don’t say anything about it.”


On if they notice stuff like the fact Arizona State has fumbled 22 times “I didn’t know that.”


On if they always try to go after fumbles “Yeah. You see the ball on the ground be an athlete and try to get it. Scoop and score.”


On handling injuries well “Yeah, I mean we have depth. That’s what makes a DB unit and the corps so good when you can just have other guys step up and fill in for other people and still be strong and still do good. That’s a strong unit. It’s not just four guys or five guys. The next man up can still do the job. I feel like that’s what we’re good at.”


On if he’s noticed a particular area of growth in his game since the start of the season“Just winning at the line. I feel like that was probably my biggest downfall in spring ball and last year and just fixing it through fall camp. I feel like going further into the season I’m working on my feet everyday with coach (Lake) after practice. I feel like that’s what I’ve improved at. I’m still getting better at it. I’m not the best at it but I improved.” Top Stories