VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Wednesday Briefing - Arizona State spoke Wednesday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith to get his points of emphasis this week as the Huskies travel south to Tempe, Ariz. to take on the Arizona State Sun Devils Saturday at Noon.

On Arizona State’s defense “They’re disruptive, there’s no question. They’re an aggressive defense, come from a lot of different angles, bring a lot of different guys, and you can see that they just fly around and play really hard. They’ve got some good players over there, but the scheme is one that likes to disrupt.”


On if their scheme is similar to anyone they’ve faced “Not a lot. They are pretty unique. No one we’ve played has been all over the board, but bring it from all angles like these guys.”


On if there’s anything the staff is aware of that might slip towards the end of the season on the offensive side of the ball“Yeah, that’s something that shows up towards the end of the year. We’ve made a big emphasis, obviously on the turnover end and doing some extra things in regards to ball security. Individually by position there are all kinds of fundamentals that guys are working on. As a unit we’re really putting the point on taking care of the ball.”


On how he emphasizes ball security “A couple of different drills we try to do and change up those drills in regards to keeping the ball high and tight and what not, looking the ball all the way in and into the tuck and then creating some contact. We do that. Ask are our scouters to make an extra emphasis on trying to strip the ball during practice. Things like that.”


On if it’s hard to rely on a guy who has had a few fumbles like Dwayne Washington “Everyone is going to make some mistakes and so you cant just be cutting guys when they make one or two mistakes, because everyone is a part of that. Obviously Dwayne has made some good plays for us this year so we’re not just cutting him out of the mix.”


On if he believes in immediately trying to build a players confidence after a mistake “Yeah, we do that at times. Even after guys have dropped a couple of balls we try to go back to those guys kind of early to get a catch, because again there are going to be some mistakes made. Obviously we’re not hoping for a lot of them, but at the same time we’re not cutting guys for one mistake.”


On if it’s hard for a young quarterback to face a team that brings relentless pressure “It’s a little bit different, there’s no question. We have to do a good job in our protection. I think we’re playing a young quarterback with Jake (Browning) but he hasn’t bat an eye at some of the ups and downs that have gone on this year and I expect the same this week.”


On if Jake Browning continues to surprise with his feet “I don’t know if I’m as surprised now as I was early in the year. The kid is a competitive kid, and if something isn’t there he’s going to go fight and try to create something. That’s been nice to see.”


On the wildcat package with Myles Gaskin and if he was happy with the results “Yeah, we were. I mean, shoot, you just direct snap to the kid instead of handing it to him it’s a little bit of a different look to get a guy another couple of carries. We were happy with it.”


On if Arizona State’s blitzing tendencies warrants more max protection and keeping guys back to block “You do some of that, but at the same time you want to force them to cover all five guys at times and be able to get the ball out. You just really want to be able to change your protection. The reality is we have to be good at what we’re doing and sound. When we’re blocking people we have to block them and if we’re releasing people the quarterback has to know when he has to get the ball out. We’re going to try to do both of them.”


On how he emphasizes explosive plays against an aggressive defense that can be prone to allowing big plays “We’re going to need to create some. And you look at a lot of their explosives aren’t just 40-50 yard bombs because you’re not holding on the ball, a lot of it has been run after the catch. The emphasis of being able to catch the ball and then creating missed tackles has been a huge piece of why they’ve given some explosives.”


On if it’s harder to run rub routes now without getting penalized “I think yeah, it’s a point of emphasis. We’re teaching it as you’re running a route to be able to get open. Obviously it didn’t go our way. I’ve seen a bunch of routes on tape that I thought were flat out picks that weren’t called, but it’s a point of emphasis and we got called on it.” Top Stories