VIDEO: Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens Wednesday Briefing - Arizona State's Kim Grinolds spoke to senior receiver Jaydon Mickens about drops and more as the Huskies continue to get ready to face the Arizona State Sun Devils Saturday at Noon in Tempe, Ariz.

On if the fact that the end of his senior season is nearing has hit him yet “It hasn’t kicked in yet. It will probably kick in when we run out the tunnel of the Apple Cup, but it hasn’t kicked in yet.”


On how many guys from Arizona State he knows “Yeah I do. I don know a lot of them. D.J. Foster, me and him played in the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl. Me and him were just going back and forth between big plays so I know him well. Jayme Otemewo, I know him from Dorsey High School. A lot of those guys, just knowing them from years of playing against Arizona State at their place and also coming here.”


On if he welcomes the warm weather game “I love the warm weather game. I love every weather game. When it’s nice and clear and the sun’s out, that’s the best. It can’t get better, especially for a receiver.”


On dropped balls “I’ve caught more than I’ve dropped and I’ve probably dropped two or three this year. That’s too many, but those are balls that’s not because of my hands, but because I want to catch the ball and go. The criticism can talk but the numbers can speak for themselves, because three more catches from now I can be second all time. Criticism of dropped balls shouldn’t be criticism at all.”


On what Arizona State’s blitz frequency does for his game “That picks up a lot of the receiver’s games and a lot of the quick game. Get the ball in our hands fast, break one tackle and you might just be seeing green grass or one defender in your way. That’s something we like as receivers. It’s something we love as receivers. We just have to execute at the end of the day.”


On if a grass field changes anything “No. Football is football.”


On if he’s savoring each of his last moments as a Husky “Yeah, for sure. I know there are 12 practices left. I’ve been in the same situation in high school and making that leap to college. I’m not taking it as twelve practices left; I’m taking it as twelve practices to get better, perfect my craft, and help others grow as well so we can get these next three wins and be bowl eligible.”


On if there’s a sense of urgency “It’s been that way since game one. It’s never changed. Just because we need two to be bowl eligible doesn’t mean we’re going to be bowl eligible. There are a lot of good teams in the PAC-12 that are probably going to have six wins so the sense of urgency has been high and we’ve been in every game that I can think of, maybe except for one. It’s been there, just little mistakes we have to hone in on and dial them up.”


On how badly he wants to end his Husky career with a bowl game “I haven’t thought about it so far yet. I’ve just been thinking game-to-game basis, being one-and-oh each week. I definitely want a bowl game win. I wanted the big bowl, the Rose Bowl, and all that other stuff that comes with the playoffs and stuff but unfortunately that’s a position we’re not in. Winning a bowl game, it feels the same. It’s going to be good at the end of the season. It’s going to be good to leave this school on a high note.”


On where Jake Browning has progressed the most “I think he progressed just all around. Running the football, throwing the football, you know. He got dinged up in the Oregon game so I guess that set him back a little bit, but he jumped right back into the drivers seat and did some great things, especially in the rain against Utah. It was good to see and it’s good to see him grow this entire year.”


On if Jake Browning’s ability to run surprised him “Yes, very much so, especially after I got on him a little after he fella against Sacramento State for the touchdown. I was like ‘oh man, I don’t know. I don’t know if he can get his feet up.’ Then when he took that one around the corner against Arizona I was like ‘oh wow, that’s a different beast right there. A little more confidence in his feet I see.’”


On if Jake Browning’s fieriness is unusual for a freshman “Yeah, he’s very fiery. He wants everything to go the way that they should go, if not more. He needs perfection out there. He needs perfection in his routes. He wants you to be spot on because if you’re not spot on he’s not spot on. He doesn’t like that. As a senior I feel the same way. If I’m spot on with a route, I expect you to be spot on with a throw so we can both coexist. That’s how we can be successful as tandems. He’s been doing great.”


On if he gets on Jake Browning more or the other way around “I think he gets on me more, of course. As a quarterback you’re naturally supposed to ‘I want you here,’ even though I might feel like this is a cool space to be for a ball, but ‘I want you here.’ You have to listen to him a lot of the time, because a lot of the time he’s right. He can see when I’m just looking back at him.” Top Stories