VIDEO: Washington Receiver Brayden Lenius Wednesday Briefing - Arizona State's Luke Mounger spoke with sophomore receiver Brayden Lenius on Wednesday as the Washington Huskies continue to prepare for their Saturday Noon road game at Arizona State.

On how to beat blitz happy teams by creating space as a receiver “We just have to get good releases on them because they play man-to-man. The quarterback has got to get off and we’ve got to get off our defender and run our routes hard because there are going to be linebackers coming in his face and all these different twists and blitzes the linebackers do and the d-line. We just have to get open for our quarterback so he can get us the ball.”


On the improvement in the passing game “This is Jake (Browning)’s first year and he’s doing amazing. I just think each week you see him getting better and better and he’s getting more confidence. When he has the confidence, you can just see we start to increase our completion rate and all the passes downfield and longer passes that we didn’t have last year and at the start of the season. He’s getting more confident. When he’s confident we get more confident; we get open for him and we execute on plays.”


On if getting the ball up to him with his height is becoming more of an emphasis “Yeah for sure. I can’t really say much about that, because that’s part of the game plan. When you throw it up you see what happens.” Top Stories