VIDEO: Washington Offensive Guard Coleman Shelton Wednesday Briefing - Arizona State spoke Wednesday with Washington right guard Coleman Shelton, who talked about what the offensive line learned from the Utah loss, as well as what they expect to see from an aggressive Arizona State defense Saturday noon in Tempe, Ariz.

On what the tape showed from the Utah performance and some of the positives and negative from that games “I think we can take away some of it. We played tough and played hard and I felt like everybody was ready to play. WE just have to execute better. Our biggest thing is going out there and getting the win in the fourth quarter. It really matters in going out in those clutch situations and going to get a score.”


On the holding he was called for on Myles Gaskin’s touchdown run that was taken back “If it’s called a hold it’s a hold. That’s what we’re always taught so I can’t really complain about it. It happened and I’ve got to move on from it. I was just playing as hard as I could though and trying to make a block so we could go down and score.”


On if he initially felt it was a clean play “Initially yeah it was, but if you look at the tape I was wrong. It was a tough call but it happened.”


On Arizona State’s defense and if they resemble anyone Washington has played already“Definitely Utah State like coach Petersen said. They bring a lot of stuff and the biggest thing is being able to pick it up and realizing what’s going on and how to do it. The key to their defense is making you confused.”


On how the transition has been to right guard “I feel like I’ve played here a good amount of games so far and I just feel like that’s where I am right now. It’s comfortable. It’s not anything different any more. Nothing new.”


On if who lines up next to him makes a difference “No. They’re both just playing real well and I trust both of them next to me. They’re fun to play next to and I have a great time with them so I don’t notice anything too bad.”


On what point in the season the line started to feel like they found their identity “I mean definitely after the first snap of the first game. You have to trust everybody who’s on the line with you that they know what they’re doing and they’re going to do their job. You can’t think that they’re too young to do it because that will hold you back. You just have to move past that and just trust everybody.”


On if getting bowl eligible is in the back of their minds “I mean it is one game at a time but we’re always striving to make that bowl game. That’s the biggest thing for our program, to be able to get into that bowl game and have an extra game to play as a team.”


On if they look back at the USC game to see how to be take a good attitude into a road game “Right, I mean we want to use that attitude we had down in Southern California just to go out and play every game like that and how we came out firing on all cylinders and just playing our best game. That’s going to be the key for us every game.”


On what has allowed Washington to get passed the slow starts “I think just really focusing on having a fast start and getting the first first down of the first drive. That’s big in keeping the momentum going and having that for each drive after that.” Top Stories