VIDEO: Washington Placekicker/Punter Tristan Vizcaino Wednesday Briefing - Arizona State spoke Wednesday with Washington placekicker/punter Tristan Vizcaino about stepping into a punting role last weekend at Utah and what he's focused on with the Huskies traveling south this weekend to take on Arizona State at noon Saturday.

On punting against Utah “I was excited to see the opportunity to go out there and do what I’ve been practicing to do for the past two years. It was unfortunate what happened with Korey (Durkee)’s play you’ve got to be ready to step in at any time. The first punt didn’t go as well as expected but after that I kind of found my bearings and did alright. I was excited and it was a fun time. It was good to be out there.


On if the weather and the fact he was punting out of his own end zone on his first punt was in his head at all “No. With me it’s just if you have a bad kick you go to the next one, not really thinking about it. Me and (coach) Choate had a conversation on the sideline like ‘hey you swung too hard and the ball is wet. Just move on from there and worry about the next kick.’ By the time the next one came around it was out of my head and I was just focused on getting a good punt and trying to pin them back in their own end zone.”


On the competition with Korey Durkee “It’s been good. We’re friends off the field and when we get on the field we’re supporting each other. If one of us has a good punt during practice like ‘hey, good punt.’ We’re just trying to get each other better just so we’re both ready for the game, whoever gets called on. It’s a constructive competition for sure.”


On if he feels there is an advantage to having three separate specialists in terms of depth “Yeah, definitely. We definitely have a lot of skill at the punting and kicking position. We kind of rely on each other. It’s good for practice for when one of us is having a bad day we can have another one look at each other and coach each other up and help us out. It’s good and it creates a lot of competition which only makes us better, so I think it’s very constructive.”


On the next step in his game“Right now I’m trying to make sure I’m ready to do whatever I’m asked of. If that’s Cameron (Van Winkle) gets hurt, goes down, or has a bad game going in for field goal I’ll be ready for that. I’ve been focusing on punt a lot lately just because the competition has been so close. And really speeding up our get off times in punt has been a big issue and something we’re really trying to get better at, especially this week because ASU kind of brings the heat a little bit. We’ll be working on that and we’ll be ready for game time on that. Just focusing on all-around aspects of kicking. Just kickoff and being more consistent in practice and kind of all parts of it I’m trying to get better every day.”


On what ended up flipping him from WSU to UW “When I went to visit WSU I really liked the kind of a small town feel, but once I came up to the University of Washington and saw Seattle I kind of fell in love with the city and the coaches. I think that’s what led me to come here. It was just a better school at the time and a better program and seemed like a better opportunity for me going forward. I thought WSU was a very nice campus and the coaching staff was really nice over there but I’m with my decision to come over here.”


On if he followed WSU’s special teams issues last year “Yeah I did, yeah, with coach Russell. That was unfortunate for sure and I feel bad him definitely. I’m sure he’s a good coach and he’ll find his way.”


On if weather makes a difference in kicking “ Weather makes a huge difference. We try not to think about it when we out there. It’s definitely something you want to keep in the back of your head and just focus on your game but we’re definitely looking forward to having some Arizona weather in this game and being able to have it dry, hot, and letting the ball fly. It should be advantageous for us, especially coming from kicking in Washington the past two games.”


On how they prepare for bad weather “I don’t usually check the forecast. The coaches kind of give us a heads up like ‘hey, it’s going to be windy. It’s going to be rainy,’ and that’s just you put it in the back of your mind and not really focusing on that, but just focusing on having a good game and being consistent.” Top Stories