VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jake Browning Post-Game Briefing - Arizona State spoke with Washington quarterback Jake Browning, who threw for a career-high 405 yards in the Huskies' 27-17 loss to Arizona State Saturday in Tempe, Ariz.

On how tough a loss it was “Tough. It sucks.”


On throwing downfield more often today “They’re a high pressure team, so high-risk high reward. We felt good about our matchups. We needed to connect on a couple more.”


On the difference between the two halves “I thought we were moving the ball the whole game, it was just we had to finish and capitalize on opportunities that they were handing to us and that starts with me.”


On if missed opportunities weigh on the team “I mean no. I don’t know. You just have to keep battling.”


On what frustrated him the most about today “Losing. Losing and feeling like that was a game we definitely could have won very easily if I capitalized on a couple more opportunities. It’s a lot different feeling.”


On which interception hurt the most “All of them.”


On if Arizona State made any changes in the second half defensively “Nope. Not really. Just the same deal.”


On what was the difference in the offense from the first to the second half “Turnovers. Interceptions are going to kill us. Like I said, they handed us opportunities and I have to capitalize on those. I missed on a lot of stuff I don’t usually miss on and that’s probably the most frustrating part. You know, not giving us the best opportunity to win, so I have to improve.”


On what the difference was in the second half in terms of avoiding pressure “They really didn’t blitz as much as they usually do I feel like. I dint feel like there was a ton of pressure to be honest. It was just I had time to set my feet and all that. I just have to deliver.”


On how much the lack of running game in the second half influenced their ability to throw it “They’re a team that plays the run very well. We kind of figured we would have to throw the ball a lot. I feel like we did at times and at times we just left points on the field and that starts with me.”


On if he feels like the team is close to finally closing out a close game “You don’t really know. I don’t know. I felt like I had a good game leading up and the games on the line and throw three picks. I don’t know. We just have to keep working hard at it.”


On how long a loss like that lingers “I don’t know. It sticks with you for a while, but you have to move on and move on to Oregon State.” Top Stories