VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Post-Game Briefing - Arizona State spoke post-game with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith, whose Husky offense accounted for a season-high 547 yards in a 27-17 loss to Arizona State Saturday in Tempe, Ariz.

On difficulties moving the ball in the second half “I think that we had some missed opportunities in the second half. I think we lost some one-on-ones in protection in the second half, where we were winning those in the first. It comes down to really executing for a longer period of time. We had a couple of drops. It was tough. They out executed us in the second half.”


On if ASU brought more pressure in the second half “Yeah, a little bit; that’s why you get to some of the one-on-ones. I thought really our protection plan was pretty solid. We were just losing some of those one-on-ones in the second half.”


On not running the ball with Myles Gaskin as effectively in the second half “He had a couple of good hits in the first half. Those guys are good against the run. We didn’t hit a couple of long ones like we did in the first half. It got to the point in the game where we felt like going into this game we thought we were going to try to throw it. We didn’t get things finished.”

On what about this matchup inspired passing a lot “If you look at it statistically, some of the yards and what not in the passing game, we felt like we could attack inside and then over the top. In the first half we got some things done there. That was a lot of the thinking.”


On if he noticed missed opportunities in the first half “Without question. Without question missed opportunities in the first half. I thought we had a couple of balls there we could come down with. That comes to bite you. You can look throughout the game, obviously at the end of the game with crucial plays and what not, but early in the game. We should have had more points there. We have to be able to hold onto the ball.”


On what Jake Browning needs to do in the fourth quarter “We have to be able to finish. And details show up for sure at crunch time. We were able to get a couple completions. He made an error in forcing the ball for sure on that and when to ‘hey, they covered it,’ and throw it away or getting what he could running it. He had a few steps during this game. During those crunch times like that, live to play the next down.”


On practicing crucial situations “We do. We try to throw him (Jake Browning) out there in all those situations. We practice that stuff and at least twice a week we’ll put him in those what we describe as clutch, two-minute situations and put him out there. Experience is how you really learn.” Top Stories