VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski Tuesday Media Briefing - Oregon State spoke Tuesday with Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski ahead of the Huskies' road trip to Corvallis Saturday to face the Oregon State Beavers.

On if wind is a big factor for defense “Yeah, I mean weather is always a factor, but both teams have to play in it. We went out and practiced in it because if it’s like that on Saturday we have to be able to function. I think the guys like to be outside in this versus in door anyway. The energy was good today and we got some good work in.”


On if he is happy the weather is starting to get consistent “Yeah. I’ve come to figure out that the weather report changes from hour to hour. I have no idea. We just have to be prepared for whatever it is. We’ve had a lot of good weather and now this is our opportunity to get some work in some bad weather.”


On the difference in the two halves against Arizona State and if heat and fatigue played a role “No. I don’t think it was at all. It was just some breakdowns on a couple of plays. The long run and the little hitch we didn’t tackle. If we tackle I don’t know what happens. We hold them to a field goal, force a turnover, I don’t know. We have to tackle in those situations and execute and finish and that’s the bottom line.”


On what about the last couple games have made turnovers hard to come by “For whatever reason we had couple opportunities in the last game and didn’t come up with them. For whatever reason it seems like they come in bunches. We would like to have them every week. We work on it every week. For whatever reason we weren’t able to create them.” Top Stories