VIDEO: Washington Defensive Line Coach Jeff Choate Tuesday Briefing - Oregon State spoke with Defensive Line Coach Jeff Choate Tuesday as the Washington Huskies continue to prepare through some nasty conditions for their Saturday matchup with Oregon State in Corvallis, Ore.

On what the team needed to do to finish against Arizona State “You have to have guys in those situations that step up and make plays and whether that’s making a one-handed catch or as simple as executing your one-on-one assignment and winning that battle the urgency needs to increase in those situations. You can’t say ‘here we go again.’ We can’t ever embrace that attitude around here. We have to build toward wining two games and getting ourselves in a position to continue our season. And that finish attitude is finishing practice today, finishing in the fourth quarter. Our tackling issues in the fourth quarter were the same tackling issues we had against Utah in the fourth quarter. We’ve got to address that. You can say ‘they’re playing too many snaps or they’re running,’ but at the end of the day it’s us against them and we have to go win those one-on-ones. We have to take pride in that.”


On if he feels conditioning is an issue “No. I really don’t think so. I think that once they got a lead they leaned on the run game and, with the exception to the one long run that (Kalen) Ballage hit I think we did a good job of bottling things up between the tackles. They hit a couple boots on us and those were good calls into the coverages that we had at that time. We made them punt 11 times. I think we did do a good job getting the ball back until those last two drives and that was what our objective was going to be. It doesn’t matter. I told those guys ‘you have to go get it back again. It doesn’t matter if you made them punt 11 times; we have to make them punt 12, 13.’ Whatever it is that we have to do to help our team win, that’s our objective.”


On how much of the issues closing games have to do with the progression of a young team “I’m not into that either. I think by this time in the season none of these guys are true freshman anymore. We’ve played 10 ball games. These guys are really a seasoned group now; they’ve played basically a season of football. We’re not into making excuses. We’ve got to make one more play. We have to execute a little better in critical situations. I’m not into that.”


On if the coaches are preaching the importance of winning the next two to make a bowl game or just focusing a game at a time “I think you hit the nail on the head there. We cant put the cart before the horse. We have to finish one play at a time and stack good plays on top of each other and execute and win those one-on-ones. We’re not focused on anything but Oregon State and having the best performance of our season. That’s what we’re focused on and we’ve got a good challenge there.”


On not looking past the Beavers “Absolutely not. I think the one thing about our coaching staff; I do think we’ve got a really mature group. We understand what it takes to go out and be successful and it really is focusing on the next play, the next opponent, and right now this is a one-game season and we’re squarely focused on Oregon State.”


On the Beaver offense “They run a lot of different formations. They run a lot of what we call unbalanced type formations: slot, Trojan, tackle over. They do formation you a bunch. It’s a challenge in terms of getting your eyes right and getting aligned correctly. They do a good job of gaining numbers with counter and so that’s a challenge in terms of adding our guys in where we need to. They’re committed to the run game. I like their backs. I think Storm Woods is a good back and has been for a long time. They do a good job of getting the ball to number six (Victor Bolden) in space. He’s a creative, explosive player. I think their staff we have a lot of respect for. I think Dave Baldwin is a really good offensive mind. He does a good job of getting his guys in position to make plays and we know they’re going to be a tough group with Gary (Andersen) as their head coach.”


On if they’ve planned to finish the season without Elijah Qualls “No I think he’s making strides. He actually did more on-the-field work today so we’re excited to see what he can do as the week progresses and I think that there’s a good chance that he could play this week.”


On the quarterback situation and if it’s similar to Arizona “I would say it’s probably more like what we saw against Utah State and not knowing exactly who that guy is going to be under center, or behind the center rather. It could be a little bit like that combination with Anu Solomon and number eight (Jerrard Randall) from Arizona, but I think the style we’re seeing is more like Utah State in terms of the style of the runs that we’re getting.” Top Stories