VIDEO: Washington BUCK Travis Feeney Tuesday Briefing - Oregon State spoke Tuesday with Washington senior BUCK Travis Feeney, who talked about the weather and what to expect Saturday as the Huskies travel south to Corvallis, Ore. to take on the Oregon State Beavers Saturday.

On pregame routines “Try to watch at least the last three or two games. Before the game starts I have my own set of videos, my own set of songs that I listen to, my own set of highlights that I watch. I always watch Sean Taylor highlights before the game, every game. The greatest safety. One of the greatest football players to ever play the game. Got to watch him to see how he played the game, see how he passionate he was about the game, and I just try to go off of that.”


On if he models his game off of Sean Taylor “I try to. I don’t think I’m there yet, but I have a lot to look forward to. I have a lot of space to build on and just have to keep going.”


On Oregon State’s offense “Definitely they’re a fast group of guys. They run the ball even though we know it’s going to come. They’re going to be aggressive and we know they’re just going to be a physical team to play.”


On similarities between Oregon State’s offense and other offenses they’ve faced “I mean there are a lot of teams that run similar offenses. Not really. Everybody is kind of different. But we play a lot of teams that have the same offense. Utah, Utah State, and things like that. Other than that it’s not that much different of an offense that we’re playing against. We’ve been preparing against similar offenses for the past couple weeks.”


On how the team keeps spirits up while not getting desired results “I think it’s just coming out there with energy. Just joking around still having fun. This is a game everybody loves. Whether we’re getting a win or games are getting close we’re just going to go out there and have a blast. Guys like Tani (Tupou) dancing around and having fun. I’m joking around talking to people. A lot of guys like Darrell (Daniels) talking and messing with people and all that. It’s just having a blast like that.”


On windy days with pouring rain “Dawg weather. We love it. We know we’re in for it every day that we come out. It’s always like that for us.”


On how to counteract a team that is desperate for a win “I mean, I don’t know. We’re just going to see who has the most fight. That’s all it is; who’s going to keep throwing punches. Both teams are ready to throw punches. Both teams want it. We just have to see who wants it more.”


On how much making a bowl game would mean to him “It would mean everything to me. That’s the whole goal. The whole goal is to make it to a bowl game. The whole goal is definitely I’m a senior, get to a bowl game. That’s all the senior class wants. That’s all we want to do. All we want to do is win one game at a time.”


On what’s been consistent in the close losses the Huskies have had this year “I think it’s just we have to lock in all four quarters. All four quarters we have to play our best game. Some games we’ve had one bad quarter that’s killed us. Some games we didn’t finish off at the end. We just have to go back to the drawing board and finish it up.”


On how a young team can learn to finish better “Definitely as the younger guys it’s just getting experience like you said. Every game is a new experience. Those guys have to learn from what happened in the past and fix the errors.”


On the mood of the football team after the loss to Arizona State “Definitely after the game everybody’s mad and stuff. Now we’re ready to go. It’s a new week. It’s a new game. It’s a new team. We just have to be ready to play.”


On if he worries that younger players will look past Oregon State “No. No. No. None of the guys are looking forward. None of the guys are looking forward to the next game. The game that we’re all focused on is this week and that’s it.”


On what jumps out about Oregon State on film “You’ve got some vets; you have Storm Woods over there. You have a couple vets on their o-line. They’re bright. There are some young guys on their team. They have some explosive guys too.”


On how much he banks on the tape of last years game against Oregon State to help this week “There’s not really much you can base off of last year’s game. You have a whole new coaching staff, a whole new offense, a different kind of offense. So I mean you don’t really look at that game last year and past. Last year’s, this is a new team. A whole different bunch of guys.”


On what kind of weather he wants for the game this weekend “It’s ball. Let it be windy and let it be rainy.”


On if he has noticed the defense missing tackles and if there’s a reason for it “I mean I think there have definitely been some plays we’ve missed, but that’s football. The other guys are on scholarships just as much as we are. They’re going to make plays and we’re going to make plays. I don’t think that we’ve been missing too many tackles like that. I just think we just have to lock in. We have to lock in all four quarters.”


On what the defense can clean up from last week “I mean there’s definitely some mistakes that we can clean up. Some of our pad level, some of our wrap up, one of the big plays or two of the big plays that they had. Other than that it’s just not being overly aggressive. I mean I had some of my mistakes on the read options and stuff and not being that fast to read it. Just being slow and being patient.” Top Stories