VIDEO: Washington SAM Cory Littleton Tuesday Briefing - Oregon State spoke with Washington senior SAM Cory Littleton, who talked to the media Tuesday ahead of the Huskies' weekend trip to Corvallis, Ore. to face the Oregon State Beavers.

On where he thinks he is individually and where the defense is collectively “Individually I would have to say that I’m like every player on our defense; we all have room to improve and get better and at the end of the day we’re just working for exactly that. To show what we can do. Maximize our best ability all across the board really whether it’s our DBs, our linebackers, or our d-line.”


On how the team keeps football fun late in the season with a losing record “To be honest the best way to keep it fun is to remember what we’re doing it for; and we’re doing it for everybody that’s out there with us. All my brothers on the defense with me, I’m playing for them. And at the same time I’m playing for myself. We’re doing this for each other and we’re going to show what we can do. That’s why we’re trying to maximize and show that we’re the best defense around.”


On how difficult it is to not point fingers or blame others during a tough season “It’s really difficult. It’s affecting us, everyone. It can’t not affect us. But at the end of the day we always come back to the same thing that we still have to come out and compete. We still have to come out and show what we can do. Our record isn’t showing what kind of team we are, but it’s okay; our games will show what kind of team we are.”


On not looking past Oregon State “Exactly that. We all know this game is going to come down to nothing different than any other one. We have to stick to our roles, our technique, and play the game, have good eyes, and then at the end of the day, as long as we do our job, we get the right out come.”

On if there’s an incentive to get to a bowl game or if the focus is one game at a time “It would be more about that one game more than that six-and-six, but at the same time not that. I think as a defense ourselves and just our team ourselves it’s not even about being six-and-six; it’s about winning our games, beating other teams, showing they’re not better than us. At the end of the day that’s how we feel and that’s what we want to show.”


On how to keep smiles on faces during practice “The biggest thing would be any type of team period where we get to go against each other. That’s like the biggest thing because we get to compete against each other and we don’t beat up on each other like we do on the other teams, but it’s still fun. That’s the biggest thing.”


On what makes the defense the best defense “What makes us the  best defense? We have players that want to compete. We have players that want to show that we’re the best defense. It’s just that attitude.”


On school “I’m anthropology major. It’s going well.”


On what he wants to do after football “I plan on going back home. There’s a variety of options I can do depending on the time schedule and how long I can make football last. Off of that maybe I’ll join a fire academy going back down to San Diego. Actually going back to my high school.”


On why he likes firefighting “A really close friend of mine, Ronny Hicks, is a fire chief over in most of the county and I was around him a lot and I’ve always been interested.” Top Stories