VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Wednesday Briefing - Oregon State spoke Wednesday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith, who talked about what happened in Washington's 27-17 loss at Arizona State this past weekend, as well as what to expect from Oregon State this coming Saturday in Corvallis, his alma mater.

On throwing downfield more against ASU “We hit a couple of them and that was our plan the plan going in a little bit, to throw it more than we have in the past.”


On Marvin Hall “Yeah, Marvin (Hall) had the big hit early in the first quarter. The guy can run and he made a play there. We were happy with that. We took another shot with him down the field later in the half that we missed on. But he can stretch the field. He’s a vertical threat.”


On Marvin Hall’s ability to throw “We actually had that call. I don’t know if you guys noticed that where we threw the little screen out to him and he kind of had to make a one-handed grab. We were going to call that again. We feel confident when he throws it, but time and place when he should do it.”


On if guys enjoy trick plays like that “I think it does make it fun for the guys to have a couple of plays like that that are unique. Guys doing different roles whether it’s throwing it or running reverses or trick plays. I think the kids enjoy that. There’s a little flavor to it. We like to carry a couple a game. We don’t always call them, but we enjoy it.”


On what he can take from the Beavers personnel he saw last year “There are some guys that obviously played last year. We definitely looked at that. They are playing a lot of new guys too, young in some spots. Schematically quite a bit different though.”


On the Oregon State scheme “I don’t know about basic but not nearly as pressure like Arizona State. They’re very sound and they bring it from different angles. A lot of times they’re doing some stuff that looks like pressure but it really turns into a four-man rush. We have to be good with regards to our eyes at quarterback. Like I said, they play pretty sound.”


On fond memories of Corvallis from his time as a quarterback “Yeah. I think there are some good memories just like anyone has at their alma mater has some positive experiences. It was a fun time but quite a while ago now.


On how to be more consistent in targeting weaknesses in opposing defenses “It’s tough to put your finger on it in regards to what’s going to be effective against them but what are we doing well. Finding that right fit, I think again in the pass game it comes down to precision and detail. Arizona State created a little havoc that way from the protection and route running and that’s why you saw a little bit more of a vertical shot where we were trying to create a one-on-one and guys make a play on the ball.”


On if the identity of pass setting up run or run setting up pass varies week-to-week “It’s still a little bit of run sets up the pass. Going into last week though it was vice versa.”


On what he’s seen on Oregon State’s tape “I think this league anybody can beat anybody each night. You look at those guys; they are sound on defense. They’re just creating some big plays from a missed tackle here or there that has broken things open for other people against them. I think those kids play hard. You can see effort on the film, whether it is first quarter or fourth quarter. So we’ll a challenge there.”


On how much pressure is on the offense to perform Saturday “Each week there’s pressure and obviously we have to win two games. We can’t win two without winning one. So our focus has been Tuesday. Not it’s been Wednesday. It will be Thursday. Come Saturday it will be Saturday.”


On if the performance against ASU was a breakthrough in terms of yardage “I don’t know about a breakthrough but the reality is there are some positives there. You have some glaring turnovers in the fourth that hurt us and I think we had some missed opportunities in the first half that really changed some things.”


On if Jake Browning is more comfortable now than he was earlier “I think he is. He played a pretty physical game against Arizona State. You turn on that film and even the protection in the first half, he didn’t get sacked in the first half but he got hit a few times. I give him credit for standing in there and being tough.”


On if it was a matter of forcing things in the fourth quarter to try to get back into the game “The fourth quarter he had two forces. He’s tell you that himself. Those were just poor decisions. Outside of that I don’t think he forced the ball really leading up to that point. He made some good decisions and gave guys some chances with the ball. When it wasn’t there he put his foot in the ground and ran so he had a lot of positive play there.”


On what can be changed schematically to get receivers more yards after the contact “Yeah which is kind of tough in practice because we aren’t really tackling. But at the same time when contested balls come and finishing plays. I think a good example of that was the simple under route that Darrell (Daniels) caught. We were backed up toward our own locker room. He catches it, makes a guy miss, and gained a first down. He must have gained another six or seven yards after that. Those plays are huge.”


On average how many receptions that receivers pick up yardage after the catch “It depends on the type of the route. Is it a moving route? Is he coming back? If he’s catching something on the sideline we’re not going to get a ton more there. Those interior routes we would like to gain more yards after.”


On John Ross “He’s around just like he’s been which he actually has done a good job in being involved and helping those younger guys. He’s been really positive, a bright spot, but he hasn’t changed.”


On when John Ross will be cleared to do more football activities “I have no idea. I really don’t. I just know he isn’t playing this year. That’s all I really know.”


On Deontae Cooper “He got a few carries against Arizona State. He’s been doing a good job. One of our captains. One of the true leaders around what we’re expecting from the guys. He’s been plugging away and with Dwyane (Washington) being banged up he had a couple of chances but his role is what it’s been and he got a little more with Dwayne’s injury.”


On if they are anticipating Deontae to play next season “Yeah.”


On any emotions heading back to Corvallis “Not really. It’s been a while since I’ve been back there. There are good memories, no question. But outside of that no.”


On the last time he was in Corvallis “I think it was six, maybe seven years ago. Something like that.” Top Stories