VIDEO: Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease Wednesday Briefing - Oregon State's Kim Grinolds spoke to Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease as the Huskies continue to prepare for their next game, at Oregon State this Saturday in Corvallis.

On his receivers deserve the criticism they have received “Yeah I mean you cant drop balls. They’ve had too many drops. I think last game they played one of their better games, but dropped balls we can’t do; we have to catch.”


On what he needs to get his receivers to make more explosive plays “I think sometimes a lot of that’s going to be on the routes that you’re running, what you do after the catch and how much open space. Sometimes the defenses you’re facing. Really just train yourself to make the catch understand the down and distance, understand the plays, and know what you do. Create explosive plays where we’re trying to go deep you really have one shot opportunity.”


On the difference between a normal receiver and Joshua Perkins or Darrell Daniels when they line up outside “Them being a tight end they have to be in blocking situations and attached to the line. Also trying to get matchup situations, especially with Perk (Joshua Perkins) because he runs so well. They’re not willing to put corners on him in man coverage situations. It’s just trying to use them in a spot where you can get good matchups.”


On Chico McClatcher “I think he’s done a really good job, especially kind of being thrown in the fire like he has. He’s very talented, works hard, so I think he’s got a good foundation for success.”


On if there’s a point where freshman hit the wall and how hard the season is for freshman “It’s hard as freshman because you’re finding out it’s not just football. You’re finding out about football, school, studying, and coming meetings. The preparation is so much different than what they’re used to in high school. You hit a wall definitely and you just have to learn to power through it. That’s where as coaches we cannot overload them and put them in unsuccessful situations.”


On if he sees opportunities against a struggling Oregon State defense “I think we always try to find opportunities in anybody we’re playing. The one thing that does show up is they have long guys at corner; they’re really rangy and they can run. All their kids are playing hard and they’ve had some injuries so finding continuity is probably tough at times. They’re still rallying to the ball and you can tell they compete.”


On if the preparation has changed considering the importance of winning the last two games “No. I think kids understand chips are all in and we can still achieve and go from there.”


On what it’s like practicing in this weather “It doesn’t bother me one bit. I think the kids adapt to it. They go and wear the clothes they’re given. I don’t see any issues.” Top Stories