VIDEO: Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser Wednesday Briefing - Oregon State spoke Wednesday with Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser, who briefed us on his ASU evaluation, and also what the Huskies' offensive line should expect from Oregon State's defensive front as UW and OSU tangle Saturday afternoon in Corvallis.

On if he felt the line took a step forward against Arizona State “From that sense no it wasn’t a step forward but I thought knowing what we were facing against their defense, a lot of the confusion they create. I thought our guys did a really good job assignment wise picking stuff up, which for a young crew I think is a step forward for sure. We’re making progress there. The execution of it late in the game when the game’s on the line it just needs to be better and that’s the next step for us; in the key moments making the plays we need to make.”


On if the second half issue was one-on-one matchups lost “Yeah, a little bit of that here and there. Even the first half when they’re bringing seven man pressures and you have seven guys blocking, that’s seven one-on-ones. The percentages are you aren’t going to win seven one-on-ones every single time. We had a few times they beat us one-on-one in the first half. Late in the game it showed once or twice in a critical situation.”


On Kaleb McGary “I still think there are other guys in the mix. I really do. He has come along a little bit. We tried to start him a couple games early in the season and he wasn’t totally ready to be a prime time guy at that point so we kept a little rotation going. These last two games he’s had a chance to get in there and play and do pretty well, particularly against last weeks defense; just a scheme we saw for him to be able to recognize what was going on was a good step for him.”

On how the young players are handling the physicality of college line play “Certainly a struggle for Trey (Adams). He said that to me a couple times last week, ‘I’ve never played this much football in my life.’ You can talk to these kids all you want, but until it happens they don’t know what it’s like. I do think he’s getting in a little bit better of a routine of feeling like what it takes to get your body ready for that next week.”


On the Oregon State defensive line “I think Oregon State reminds me of a typical Oregon State team that plays extremely hard. They have a bunch of tough guys. They have a couple really explosive players up front. Their nose, Kyle Peko, to me is a guy that shows up on film every single week. They’re had some injuries in the front and they’ve rotated a lot of guys. He’s the guy that has been the most consistent showing up for me, but week in and week out they’ve had some different guys.”


On how much Kalani Sitake’s system has transferred over from Utah “I think it’s a lot like with Pete Kwiatkowski last year; you can only do so much year one without completely confusing your guys. They have some scheme and obviously what they’ve done at Utah over the years has been really, really good. They’ve got plenty of stuff but to me it’s not probably totally to the extent of what they had at Utah.”


On if he feels like the line’s communication with Jake Browning when he decides to tuck it and run has improved as the year has gone on “I think it’s important. A lot of times you get a lot of teams in football today that are dropping eight guys into coverage it’s hard to find those zones. A lot of times the answer is to take the ball and run. Obviously he had a really nice run that probably none of us anticipated where he made a lot of people miss. That wasn’t really his M.O. but he got us a first down on that play. I think he’s done a nice job of recognizing coverages and it’s time to tuck it and go.”


On how he feels like the line has responded to the loss to ASU “We’ve had good spirited practices Tuesday and Wednesday so far this week. I think it’s crushing not to win games; that’s what these guys play for. I think Sundays are really, really hard days. Mondays we get it out of the system and Tuesdays we go moving forward and I think they’ve done a tremendous job with that.” Top Stories