VIDEO: Washington Running Back Myles Gaskin Wednesday Briefing - Oregon State's Kim Grinolds spoke Wednesday with Washington freshman running back Myles Gaskin, who is getting closer and closer to reaching the 1000-yard milestone this season.

On Deontae Cooper taking on a mentor role for him “I’d say all the running backs have been taking on a mentor role for me just being the youngest guy in there, but especially Coop (Deontae Cooper). I’ve known him since I was a junior in high school because he worked with my brother in the summer and stuff so that’s how I met him. Once LEAP came around that’s when we really started hanging out. His locker was like right here so all that. He took e on my visit and we always went to Gasworks up the street running on those hills. I guess that just created a bond. Ever since then, even in the Arizona game, we talked about it while we were playing the game. All those hills that we did are going to come to work because they weren’t easy.”


On Deontae Cooper getting touches against Arizona State “It was great. To see him run over that one dude right in the hole everybody went crazy. You know how that feeling is. You can’t put into words all the stuff he’s been through. He’s the only one that can explain it to you. It’s just great to see that he’s getting better and probably getting to his old self now. It’s just amazing that you can come back from all that injury stuff and do what he does everyday, never complain, and just always have a smile on his face ready to go play some more football.”


On if Deantae Cooper keeps spirits up “Yeah, of course, because he’s one of the most chill out dudes. You know how Coop is. Chilling, happy, smiling. Just a happy dude.”


On if weather impacts running backs “No. Not at all. Usually we play on turf. Arizona was hot so we didn’t have to change anything. Ball security really. That’s the only thing it really effects.”


On how many times they show his powerful runs in film study “A few I guess. I don’t know what play you’re talking about. We talk about it, make jokes. You know how it is. It’s always the next play. You never get caught up on that stuff.”


On if he prefers running over people or busting a big run “Long run. Definitely.”


On the Beavers defense “Good team. Great team. Well coached. I know they’ve had a rough season, so have we, but they’re disciplined. Their record doesn’t reflect how good they actually are. It should be a battle from the very first snap to the very last snap. We’re just getting ready and ready to play a great ball game.”


On if the feeling is different knowing both games are must-win games in order to make a bowl game “I think I guess. I guess for outside people looking at it it’s a must-win but I think everybody inside the stadium on the team thinks every game is a must-win. I wouldn’t say we look at this team any different. Every team is a must win game.”


On how he’s holding up physically “I’m good. A lot of ice baths, a lot of treatment, but I feel fine.”


On how hard it has been for him to get to this point in the season “It’s been tough. Everybody goes through it. You just have to be disciplined with talking to those doctors and those are great people and they know exactly what they’re talking about. If you have any bruises, even bruises, and you think ‘I’m going to be fine,’ you have to go talk to those guys and they’ll fix you up right. You’ll be back to 100% in a couple of days.”


On ice baths “During camp I hated them because I have never really taken an ice bath before. It was just like ‘put ice on it,’ but you never took a full ice bath. You get used to them. You have to. You have no choice.”


On if he took an ice bath after the freezing, windy practice yesterday “Had to. I try to go three or four times a week. You’ve got to. It is what it is.”


On who’s the worst about the ice baths “I’d say all the freshmen. The older guys obviously adjust to it, but all the freshman go one foot, second foot, knee deep and take it easy while the other guys just hop right in.”


On if he’s at the hop right in stage of ice baths “No. Absolutely not. Not yet. Hopefully soon though.”


On how big of a change it has been going from high school to the PAC-12 “It’s been really big. It takes time but I think camp got me really ready for that going against our defense. Like I said a couple weeks ago, I think our defense is one of the best defenses in the country. Practicing with those guys is almost like a game everyday. I think that adjustment helped out a lot.”


On if he expected to have this big an impact right away “I think every freshman really wants that. Yeah, I mean, I think so. You just kind of want to play football and you want to get out there and what happened happens and you keep on pushing and always want to get better. There’s always room to get better so I think that’s the way I’m looking at it. Just keep on pushing forward.”


On how it has been with his family so close “It’s great. After every home game just come right back out and see my mom, give her a kiss on the cheek, say what’s up to my dad and all the friends and family that come to each game. It’s a blessing. At the time my mom said you’re going to UW I wasn’t mad about it or anything; I was just like ‘alright.’ Now being here it was one of the best decisions of my life, having that luxury. Other guys from California or wherever they are they talk about ‘oh, I’m home sick. I want to go home.’ I kind of feel for them because I can go home whenever I want. You don’t want to say that but you’re like ‘oh, okay.’ I’m loving it. I really am.” Top Stories