VIDEO: Washington Running Back Deontae Cooper Wednesday Briefing - Oregon State spoke Wednesday with Washington senior running back Deontae Cooper as the Huskies continue to prepare for their weekend away game at Oregon State in Corvallis.

On if he’s thought about returning next year or not “I’m just taking it one day at a time. Like I said, I love college. So we’ll see.”


On where he is school wise “I’m in my masters program. I’m two quarters away from finishing that, so I’m excited about it.”


On getting a PHD next “We’ll see.”


On how to keep football fun during a tough season “Just having a love for the game, being confident in your ability, and going out there and competing. I’m a competitor so competition always excites me so that’s how I keep going.”

On if he remembers his big game at Oregon State a couple of years ago and what he remembers about it “I do. Reassurance that I can still do this and I can still play, even after a long three years of sitting on the sideline, coming back and having an explosive mind like that kind of kept me confident.”


On if he remembers the weather down there “I do. You’re not cold when you have a night like that.”


On if it takes one play or a series of plays to get confidence back “No. I don’t think it takes a series of plays. I think it takes a week of practice. As an older guys just kind of being a leader and picking up the young guys and picking up the guys that have been here and trying to tell them ‘look, we had a good week of practice. That’s enough reason to be confident.’”


On if he feels like it’s his role to be a leader “I feel like I’m a piece of the puzzle. We have a lot of leaders. A lot of old guys. I’m piece of it and I try to play my part.”


On if he feels any pressure knowing that the team needs to wins to make a bowl game “I mean I don’t necessarily feel any pressure. I think that we approach it the same way each week. We just came up short a couple of games and we were in all the games we played except for the Stanford game. Just a play here and there and we have a different turn out.” Top Stories