VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - Mount St. Mary's

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar was pleased with his team's effort fighting through some jet lag and fatigue as they dismantled Mount St. Mary's 100-67 Thursday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “One more day removed from China and the jet lag. As each day passes from leaving China it’s a good thing. We have to come back Saturday early and play another game. I trust our legs will be good. It was good we were able to get some guys rest and rotate a lot of guys out there tonight. I was really excited about the way we started out the game; we were really dialed in. With a young team like this it’s something that you are concerned about coming back on the big stage like the game in China against Texas and now coming back to this game, even though it was our first home game, wondering how we were going to react. I thought we reacted fine.”


On Marquese Chriss’ performance “Yeah. Obviously he played very well. In 29 minutes to do what he did out there. He was really active, very aggressive. He’s just so athletic. He gets up to places that’s hard for other people to get to.”


On if 29 minutes will be a consistent mark for Marquese Chriss “He certainly can play 29 minutes. He played 29 minutes and could probably have played the rest of the game tonight. He’s in pretty good shape and he’s a good athlete. We still like to keep guys fresh. Sometimes if we keep guys in too long then the returns diminish a little bit. It’s safe right around there.”


On the guards rebounding “If you remember comments before the season started and the season was ‘how are you guys going to rebound,’ I think I said repeatedly ‘our guards.’ Whenever we have been good as a rebounding team, with the exception of when Jon Brockman just got every rebound, our guards have gone in and helped rebound. I felt like we have that this year. This is kind of what we were hoping we would see.”


On if Matisse Thybulle guarding the 5’5” Junior Robinson threw Mount St. Mary’s off “I’m not sure but over the years we’ve had a lot of success with the Bobby Joneses and the Justin Hollidays and now the Matisse Thybulle, and even Dejounte (Murray), guarding smaller guys. You think back guys like Tajuan Porter from Oregon and even an Aaron Brooks, we feel if we can put a guy that’s pretty versatile and long on a smaller guy it can make it a little more difficult for them to have their way with us.”


On the offensive game plan “We wanted to get inside. Initially we were going to try to go inside and get (Junior) Robinson in foul trouble, but they did a good job helping out with him. You can tell other teams have tried to do that and they know how to defend against that. We got a lot of points in the paint, 50 points in the paint. So half of our points. That’s what we wanted to do.”


On where he feels the team is with their progression “I just keep saying the same thing, I’m sorry, but I’m just excited that our guys are so willing to do what we ask them to do. In terms of on track, on target, ahead of the game, to me we turned to ball over too much. I don’t know if we’re on track. I would like to have seen us take care of the basketball better. We don’t box out very well. There are some things that I see as a coach where we understand what the standard is supposed to look like and we’re not there yet. I can’t say we’re ahead of the pace.”


On Matisse Thybulle “Matisse (Thybulle), you have to really understand how we’re trying to play and what he does and understand what he brings to the table. He is a very good defender as a freshman. There was one play early in the game; their big guy was running the floor and he had a lay-up and they passed it and Matisse just extends those long arms and intercepts it right away. He’s making plays like that all the time. You don’t quite notice it. A guy will be open and he’ll just get a deflection like that out of nowhere. He puts out a lot of fires. That’s what he does. And he’s just kind of finding his way a little bit right now. He has a huge upside.” Top Stories