VIDEO: Dejounte Murray/Noah Dickerson Post-Game - Pennsylvania Quakers

Washington Basketball players Dejounte 'Baby Boy' Murray and Noah Dickerson spoke to the media post-game after Washington's 104-67 win versus Pennsylvania. Murray had a team-high 22 points, while Dickerson finished with 13 points, seven rebounds, and three blocks.

Dejounte Murray

On fast starts “I feel like it’s all about preparation. Preparing for each game. I give the props to our coaches because they make we deal with one team at a time. We don’t ever overlook any team. We just play every game in practice getting prepared to play that team like that’s the championship game. We just take it one game at a time. We just play together and stick together no matter what.”


On the importance of big wins at home heading into a tough tournament “We’re going to prepare for it. We’re looking forward to it. It’s another college game for our young college career and we’re just going to prepare for it and we’re going to go out and play hard regardless.”


On playing Gonzaga “I’m just glad this game is back because growing up I used to watch this game. I know how big the rivalry is. It’s just a good feeling that I’m going to be playing in the game so I’m looking forward to it.”


On how to keep energy up after getting a big lead “We just keep our energy high because we’re a deep team. We don’t have anybody that’s going to play the whole 40 minutes. Coach prepares everybody whether it’s the starters or the guys that come off the bench to come off with the same intensity that the starters started off with. When we come in in half time coaches tell us what we did good and what we did bad. And then it’s a whole other half; it’s a whole other ball game.”

Noah Dickerson

On how much easier fast starts make games “Preparation makes it easier too. The way to get up big is you just have to know what the team does and what you need to do to get them out of playing that way. That’s why we get up to such a big lead at the beginning. We just know what they do and get them out of it.”


On if it’s hard to keep intensity up after getting a big lead “Not at all. Not even a little bit.”


On their defensive performance “I think we played pretty well. The big thing was their center (Darien Nelson-Henry) was basically their offense. He’s a great passer and they were trying to get the ball to him on the court so he could pick the defense apart with the back cuts and things like that. We gave them problems and we took that out of the game and just denied him the ball. We’re so long and athletic when we do help and we do have to get out to shooters, our hands are so high it really does disrupt shooters. I think we’re a pretty good defensive team, a really good defensive team.”


On playing Gonzaga “I’m from Atlanta; I’m SEC country. I didn’t know about Washington-Gonzaga or anything like that. It’s another game. It’s another name on the schedule. Let’s get after it.” Top Stories