VIDEO: Washington Linebacker Keishawn Bierria Post-Game - Oregon State Beavers's Kim Grinolds was at Reser Stadium in Corvallis Saturday as the Washington Huskies demolished Oregon State 52-7. He spoke post-game with Keishawn Bierria, who had two tackles and half a tackle-for-loss on the night.

On winning like this gaining momentum possibly heading into a bowl game “Bowl games are always part of the season, but right now it’s just focusing on the next week. Focus on the team in front of you and don’t look past them. Right now a bowl game isn’t promised. The only promise is WSU. That’s the only thing we’re focused on.”


On how long it took before the defense saw ‘blood in the water’ with Nick Mitchell’s struggles “Sometimes he was hit and miss, but definitely our defense was just focused on doing our part and attacking it. And we brought pressure, we brought pressure. When we sere sitting in zone we just tried to disguise it and sit in zone, just confuse them. Just basically stick to our game plan and play our defense.”


On if Azeem Victor knocked the ball out of Nick Mitchell’s hands “Yeah. The lowest man wins and Azeem (Victor) got under him and got him pretty good.”


On what he saw on that play “I just saw the ball just fly straight in the air. It flew at least five-six feet in the air. I’m just like ‘wow, Azeem just smacked that dude.’”


On the Apple Cup “Next week’s everything to us. That’s our championship. Then again it’s just another team that’s coming to the house and we just have to produce; we have to do our job. We have to play championship defense and the offense has to produce. We’re going to do what we have to do.”


On Travis Feeney chasing down Paul Lucas “Oh man, that’s not the first time Trav (Travis Feeney) did that. He did that against ASU. The guys scored but he caught him before he got to the end zone. That’s just what Trav does. He just has unbelievable speed. He never gives up on the play. That’s what we expect from everybody.” Top Stories