VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen Post-Game - Oregon State Beavers's Kim Grinolds spoke post-game with Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen, who talked about Washington's 52-7 win over Oregon State Saturday afternoon in Corvallis.

Opening statement “We’ve been proud of them all year, to tell you the truth, just in terms of we’ve had some tough Sunday’scoming in after some hard fought games and some losses. They’ve never backed down and they’ve never flinched and they just keep working and getting better. I think we saw a little bit of that tonight. I thought it was a really good team effort. All three phases played real well.”


On if a win like this is nice with a short week coming up “I say the first thing is it’s nice playing at three o’clock so we’re done by whatever time it is right now. With a short week tomorrow is basically Monday for the guys. It is. I think the one thing that’s really nice is to be able to get everybody week. The starters work hard but so do the backups. So does everybody in that locker room. It’s nice to get those guys some work and I thought there was good work by all.”


On the four first quarter touchdowns “Yeah. It was great. It was good to see some work in the second too. That’s kind of some of the stuff we expect. Maybe not all the drives but we’ve been saying all along we see flashes of it. We get more consistent we’ll do some really good things. I thought our defense was really, really good. I think we missed two tackles and that cost us on that long run but it was awesome to see Travis Feeney chase him down and then the defense swell up and miss a field goal. That’s how it goes. It was good to see those guys play at a high level too.”


On Jake Browning’s efficiency “Yeah. I think he missed two throws, so he was pretty good. I’ll put the tape on to look at but just the stats; you can see the stats right there. He was on pretty good. We were able to the ball. We can run the ball. It makes the pass game a lot easier.”


On Apple Cup “I think nobody’s playing better in this conference than Washignton State without question. We’ve got our hands full. A lot riding on this. I guess that’s how these games are supposed to be. It will be fun to hopefully have Husky Stadium packed and rocking’ and a lot of purple and hopefully not too much red in there.”


On the opening kickoff trick play “You have to see something on film. We saw a little something just in terms of how aggressive they are in kickoff coverage. Great job by coach (Jeff) Choate dialing it up and away we go. We had Chico (McClatcher) laying in the numbers kind of blending in and Marvin (Hall) got up in there and threw it back to him. You’re always hoping that once can crease the whole way. Hayden Schuh I think did a nice job blocking two guys to get it and Chico got us great field position. It was a good way to start the game.”


On Chico McClatcher “He’s an explosive guy. We just try to find different ways to get the ball in his hands. His best days are in front of him without question.”


On if OSU was a team they thought they would be able to have a couple big returns against, including a punt return touchdown “Well no. Actually it’s funny because their style of punting is very awkward, very much like Utah. And nobody has done anything. I think maybe something early in the year somebody might have got a decent return but for the last handful of game nobody’s really doing anything. It’s kind of how it goes and we’re always looking for that pitch to hit. We talk about it all the time. We got one and I’m really anxious to put the tape on because he creased it and ran it right up the middle but that’s really telling us that everybody else is doing some really great work. I’m anxious to see how that looks on tape.”


On Jaydon Mickens’ pass attempt “Yeah. I’m anxious to see that one too because that’s not exactly who we were looking to throw the ball to. The thing kind of got blown up to start with and so I think it was probably a pretty good decision on his part to chuck it out there. I don’t want to say we were trying to him in case we come back with it later.”


On Travis Feeney and his touchdown saving tackle “Well Travis (Feeney) is fast. When I saw Travis take off I thought he was going to get him but then I know that ball carrier (Paul Lucas) is really fast. I watched him last week at Cal and he can really do. I didn’t know if he was going to get him or not. Unbelievable effort though.”


On if the team is playing with a back against the wall mindset “I think these kids play like there backs are against the walls. What I mean by that is I don’t think there’s been a game where I haven’t felt they played really hard, really physical, and all that. We got out classed in one game when we played Stanford this year and every other game we were right there having a chance to win at the end. I feel like they’ve always really played like there backs are to the wall. They kind of talk amongst themselves, they know what’s at stake. I’ve kind of felt all along like they’ve played with pretty good urgency. We just haven’t executed all the time like we’d like to and I thought that was better tonight.”


 On an explanation of an instance where the officials stopped play to let the OSU defense get set “There were a couple of those. I can’t remember if we substituted or not. There was one time where with the same personnel we’re trying to go fast. I’m not sure. There were a couple of those. Yeah. I know what you’re talking about. I can’t remember which one. I thought there were a couple of times they were slowing us down; I wasn’t sure why.”


On health “We’ll see. A lot of the guys are banged up at this time. I think guys are going to have to be really, really banged up to not play in this next one. We’ll see.” Top Stories