Hoops Report - 7/24/03

Pool play is complete and Washington will be well represented in the Open Division as six teams from the state made it into the highest bracket at the Adidas Big Time tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Rotary Select-1" and "Emerald City Pioneers Black" were pre-seeded into the Open Division, but "Friends of Hoop", "Eastern Washington Elite Red" (that's Gonzaga bound David Pendergraft and crew), "Eastern Washington Select" and "Emerald City Chaffey" all won their pools to advance to the elite bracket.

Rotary got a "quality" win late Wednesday night as they beat the Southern California All-Stars. The addition of 6-10 CJ Giles has added to a lineup already well stacked with "bigs." Giles alongside 6-8 Marvin Williams and 6-10 Josh Heytvelt makes for a very impressive frontcourt, and with 6-8 Andrew Strait rotating into that corps, Rotary can play "big" ball with all of the big dogs at the Big Time.

And you know that's big.

With bracket play beginning, it now becomes a "win or go home" proposition. But in most cases they won't be going home, they'll be going to Los Angeles for the Best of Summer Tournament.

Here are scores from pool play games played Wednesday:

Friends of Hoop Seattle 85, Sportexas.com (TX)64
Arkansas Hawks (AR)65, Rotary Select I 59
Rotary Select I 76, So California All Stars (CA)61
Emerald City Pioneers Black 71, Houston Superstars (TX)64
Emerald City Chaffey 63, Newark Rams (NJ)56
Emerald City Chaffey 62, Derek Smith AS 16 (KY)44
Eastern Washington Elite Red 75, Santa Barbara Blaze (CA)46
Eastern Washing Elite Red 81, SW Missouri Storm (MO)68
Eastern Washington Select 77, Comanches (CA)49
Austin Dawgs Red (TX)73, Columbia Basin Select 64
Columbia Basin Select 69, Fairfax Stars 17U (VA)64
Spirit of the North (CA)63, Team Yes Red 51
Texas Top Prospects (TX)83, Team Yes Red 73
Las Vegas Rebels Red (NV)69, Friends of Hoop Bucky's 48
Miami City Ballers (FL)63, Emerald City Pioneers White 43
Little MA Power (MI)73, Emerald City White 69
Grand Rapids Storm (MI)89, Emerald City Royal 48
Emerald Pioneers White 63, Color Chaos 17 White (CO)56
Yakima All Valley Elite 61, SMAC Bombers (OH)54
Friends of Hoop True Players 50, TX Bluechips II (TX)43
Reach Your Goals (CA)77, Friends of Hoop True Play 72
Eastern Washington Elite Blue 71, Fighting Cougars (CA)64
Capistrano Valley (CA)74, Team Saxon 65
Rotary Select II 79, Valencia Tigers (CA)46
White River Summer Rec 53, Conn Premiere (CT)42
Rotary Select II 80, Panthers (CO)63
IEBP Freshmen (CA)71, Emerald City Gold 39
Esperanza Aztecs (CA)47, Emerald City Red 21
Red Shield Co Red (CO)86, Emerald City Green 73
Red Shield Co White (CO)83, Emerald City Gold 52

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