VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Tuesday Briefing - Washington State

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media Tuesday as the Huskies continue to prepare for their Friday game versus Washington State in the 108th Apple Cup.

On the offensive performance against Oregon State was an instance of the pass game and rushing attack feeding off each other “I think a little bit of that. A mix of both. Some of that completion stuff was a little bit of a run-pass option where he threw to some guys that were uncovered. You got the run game going it helps the pass game and vice versa.”


On if he plans to attack WSU’s run defense that allows about 195 rushing yards per game “I think that’s a little out of whack because they’ve had a couple of games where people have rushed for a bunch of yards. You look at them and I think they’re halfway decent against the run. They want to play physical, especially with their safety playing down and supporting the run. I think they’ve just had a couple glaring games with yards in the rush game.”


On this year’s Cougar defense compared to last year’s “They’re sticking to what they do. They’re pretty sound and physical. I think that that d-line is as good as there is in the conference with the ability to stop the run and rush the passer. Those things show up. I think they’ve got aggressive and good safety play. And they’re good tacklers. They get out there and tackle pretty well.”


On if the sixth win or the Apple Cup adds a heightened sense of urgency this week “I think it’s all of that. We want to play one game at a time and we obviously know it’s a big game, so the urgency is there. I think our energy will for sure be there. We just can’t get too much out of whack and have too much energy. A rivalry game, we still need a high level of execution.”


On how the Cougar defense is different with Alex Grinch as defensive coordinator “I think that just compared to the two years I think they’re doing maybe a little bit less on defense and they’re really good at it. I think that d-line has been a factor. They had a pretty good d-line last year, but those guys are playing at a high level, just physicality, pushing the pocket, and being able to create some problems in the run game. I think they’re getting some good play out of their safeties with run and pass. They do a nice job of disguise, so that’s a little different in regards to disguise and safety play.”


On if the coaching staff can coach to avoid turnovers “You know, I think that they’ve got some ball skills and I think they’ve created some turnovers just in regards to the pressure that’s been created. It’s a huge piece of the game. I don’t think there’s one pinpoint I can say this is why. But I know they can create problems for the passer with their d-line and the safeties do good in their disguise.” Top Stories