VIDEO: Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake Tuesday Briefing - Washington State spoke Tuesday with Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake ahead of the Huskies' clash with Washington State Friday in the 108th Apple Cup.

On if his defensive backs embrace facing a team that throws it as much as WSU “Yeah. They’re excited. From a DB perspective, we definitely would rather play an offense like this than an Air Force or Georgia Tech. That’s for sure. That’s an unbelievable challenge there with those two teams. From a DB perspective this is fun; it’s challenging. It’s an awesome scheme with really good players, talented quarterbacks. I’ll tell you what; again, I give a lot of credit to coach (Mike) Leach and that offensive staff. Connor Halliday threw for a billion yards last year. No one knew who (Luke) Falk was. All of a sudden he comes in and he throws for a billion yards this year. If Falk plays he’s going to try to throw for a billion. If he doesn’t we are fully expecting this other guy, (Peyton) Bender, to come in there and just pick up where the last quarterback left off. It’s a really great scheme. They do an awesome job of coaching those guys. It’s going to be a big challenge.”


On if the Huskies performance last year against the Cougars triggered confidence for this season “I think our guys confidence really builds throughout the year. We had that bad game against Eastern Washington where we had a number of guys out there getting torched. Obviously Vernon Adams was a big part of that. Really from then on I thought that our guys came back and played strong. I think you’re right; it topped off with the Apple Cup. A big time offense that was going through everybody, 600 yards per game and throwing five to seven touchdowns a game. To be able to limit that offense to that production from last year was definitely a feather on our cap for sure.”


On if he was surprised the defense was able to do that last year “Yeah. I mean I was more proud of the way those guys came out there and still played physical and still hit and still made plays on the football. They really dived into what we were going to try to do against that offense and they soaked it up and they executed it.”


On if he was nervous going into last year’s matchup against WSU “No, not at all. Really we had played well for stretches there for a long time. It was just one game in my mind. Other than that we were pretty sturdy back there. So no, more excited about the challenge really. I’m more excited about the challenge and it was awesome to watch those guys go out there and compete.”


On how special a season it has been allowing only eight touchdown passes through 11 games “It’s just been really awesome just watching these guys grow and watching them be a step ahead of me now. I’ll go into meetings and they’re like ‘yeah, coach, we’ve seen this.’ We’re putting coverages in; they’re finishing my sentences now. It’s nice watching these guys grow. And it’s just awesome watching those guys compete out there every day. That’s obviously a neat stat and all that. We obviously want to win more games. It is a team effort. Our coaching staff has been doing a really good job. The d-line, the whole front seven, the linebackers, it’s been fun watching us all play team defense the whole year. Hopefully we get to do it again this Friday.” Top Stories