VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen Post-Game - Apple Cup spoke post-game with Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen after the Huskies demolished No. 20 Washington State in the 108th Apple Cup Friday at Husky Stadium.

Opening statement “Proud of our guys. Really proud of how they prepared all week. I knew they were going to play as hard as they’ve played all year and I think they played really hard throughout the year. I knew they had really good preparation. I’m proud of how they kept chipping away and then finally it kind of got a few more turnovers. Hats of to our defense again. All those turnovers and scores, those guys have played great all year. I’m really proud of them.”


On if today’s defensive performance was as surprising as last year’s against WSU “Yeah. I think with all those turnovers and those three scores on defense, that’s pretty impressive.  Going in saying we’re going to get seven turnovers and three scores, I don’t think I would have thought that. Those guys have played great all year and I’m really proud of them.”


On if this was the most complete game of the year “It could be. I know it was probably our most prepared emotionally. I was really hoping they would play good because I knew they were all in. It was good to see these guys be able to finish in the second half.”


On Trey Adams “So Trey (Adams) got a little stinger. He had an issue with it earlier and then got in warm ups. We’re not going to mess around with that stuff and wasn’t ready to go. I’m really proud of the o-line because we had to flip Andrew Kirkland over to left tackles. He hadn’t really practiced there much at all. Kaleb (McGary) was ill a little bit this week and he missed a day of practice this week against this defense. Five minute adjustment before the game and these kids didn’t bat an eye.”


On how much Jake Browning progressed “He’s come a long ways. He really has on a lot of little subtle things. One being third downs. I thought early he threw some nice balls in there on third downs. We’ll always talk about third downs and red zone and two minute situations. That’s when a quarterback has to show up and kind of show what they’re really all about. I thought third down early on was really good by him.”


On his response after throwing an interception “If Jake (Browning) makes a mistake, he’s not going to go in the tank. That’s not even a consideration. It’s almost like call another play that challenges him a little bit that he’s got to throw the ball down field. I think that’s nice as coaches that we’re not worried that he’s going to get rattled. I thought that the Washington State DB made a nice play on it. He drove hard through the ball and kept going. Made a nice play on it. Sometimes those things happen.”


On what bowl eligibility means for the program “It means a lot. Not going but winning a bowl game. That’s something we’ll talk about tomorrow or the next day. That’s on the docket. Wherever we end up we go and play well in a bowl game. Excited for these guys because we kind of had our backs against the wall and battled all season long. I do think that there’s progress and I think they feel it. I think that’s importance for confidence.”


On if he thought Sidney Jones was going to score on that interception “Yep. Yeah I was. I also know that’s our mentality regardless. They talk about two things all the time. Score or get the ball back. I think they really embody that mentality right there. They talk about it all the time. Score or get the ball back.”


On if the officials talked about calling Sidney Jones’ touchdown back “No. They weren’t. An official bumped into one of our guys on the sideline. I thought it was some guys running onto the field, which is our PAT team. But he bumped one of out guys, the official did when he was running down; we have to stay back.”


On if Sidney Jones’ touchdown was a turning point “Yeah I think so. Those are hard. Those are big momentum swings. Any time you turn the ball over, yet take one back that can be hard to over come. Our defense plays pretty tight. They don’t give up to many things easily. That can be tough to come back from that. I think that was quite a turning point.”


On why this game was the most emotionally ready the players have been “I just think the combination of what was at stake, playing your rival, and all those type of things. I thought they did a great job preparing and they were ready to roll.”


On Myles Gaskin “Myles (Gaskin) continues to, he really does, amaze me. When I look at him out there running I just think ‘that’s a mature running back.’ And he’s only a true freshman. That’s just how he runs. He’s so patient. He’s crafty. He’s hard to tackle. You can give him the ball a bunch of times. He does a great job. You used to say that’s what you expect, and we kind of do now, but sometimes there’s not much there and he’ll still get something positive out of it.”


On if there’s anything about his defense suited to stop a pass-heavy offense “Well, I don’t think necessarily so. I think it just has to fit together. I thought early on they were doing a good job moving the ball. I didn’t think we were quite getting to the quarterback like we needed to. That’s a hard dilemma because if you bring pressure they’re very good at getting rid of the ball. They’ll get rid of the ball quickly. I thought our pass rush kind of heated up, pushing the pocket, making it tighter. I thought our coverage got a little tighter as we kind of settled down. I don’t think we’re necessarily just suited to stop the pass but I think we have some good players back there that played as young guys last year. I think coach (Jimmy) Lake does a great job of getting those guys dialed in. We always talk about if they’re going to get something they better earn it. We just don’t want to give anything easy. I think that’s what those guys do.”


On what the message was in the locker room at half considering Washington had already lost a 17-3 lead against Arizona State a couple weeks back “You know what? I think the nice thing was that wasn’t even talked about. We just talked about finish. I looked at the score and thought the same thing. I try to tell these guys I do my talking early in the week. As we get closer to games the less talking I’m doing. Finally the players are starting to take that locker room over in the right way. I didn’t have to say anything at halftime. They said it all.”


On ex-Huskies that came and talked to players this week “We brought some awesome guys in that have a lot of passion for this program and a lot of history with this rivalry. We have so many young guys that we just wanted to make sure they knew the importance of this thing. We live in our own little bubble here and don’t pay attention to a lot of things that are out and about in the media and what people are saying in town. So just making sure that those guys new the importance of it.”


On if he’s ever had as much trust in a freshman running back as he has in Myles Gaskin “No. I really almost thing you can take the freshman off of it. The guy is reliable. You kind of know what you’re going to get. If the o-line can keep the guys covered he’s going to find a crease. He’s very shifty. He has deceptive breakaway speed and he’s got great ball security. He just does a great job of that. Between him and Jake (Browning) as a freshman, Kaleb McGary’s a freshman, and Trey (Adams) when he’s rolling in there are doing a pretty good job for freshman.”


On if it was gratifying to see a win like that in the last game of the season “Yeah, I think we’re making progress. It’s nice to get another one. When you guys asked me the other day about 5-7, at least we’re not talking about that. At least we get to play another game and that’s what I thought about all along. I’d like these guys to be able to play another game because I think that’s really important.”


On the formal players he brought in this week “We had a handful. I’d like to keep those under wraps. A little secrecy to it. They did a great job though. I’ll tell you that. You’d recognize some names.” Top Stories