VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski Post-Game - Apple Cup spoke with Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski after the Huskies held the No. 20 Washington State Cougars to a season-low in points in a 45-10 demolition in the 108th Apple Cup Friday at Husky Stadium.

On the game plan going in and if Peyton Bender starting changed anything “Nothing changed. Their offense is what they’re going to do. Going into it we were going to keep everything in front of us and push the pocket with four guys and three guys and make them earn everything they get when they throw the ball. Anytime you come up with seven turnovers, that’s huge. We were to turn three of those into scores. That’s what we’re striving for every week, but when they snowball like that and they come in those big chunks and we’re able to actually turn them into points it’s huge momentum.”


On if anything changed in the pass rush after the first rush after the first drive “Just guys getting in the flow of the game. Nothing other than guys executing better and just getting after it.”


On changing looks and angles at which players rushed from “Yeah, we did that a little bit just really to change it up and give some of those guys something a little different to do. They like it. It’s just kind of a shell game out there. The guys really like that type of change up.”


On the keys when dealing with wide splits from opposing lines “We power rush a lot more when we do that. We want to squeeze the pocket. The term we use is dirty the pocket. When he does step up there’s not a lot of room to step up. When he does there’s somebody in his lap. That’s the goal, just to make him feel uncomfortable whether you’re actually able to hit him or sack him or just someone’s always around the guy when he’s in the pocket.”


On if there was a sense of confidence in the secondary coming into this week “Last year those guys did a good job. Coach (Jimmy) Lake does an unbelievable job getting those guys dialed as far as where they need to be on the calls and they do a great job of doing there job and playing the coverage that’s called. When they do that it gives the line a little bit more time to get to him (Peyton Bender) and opportunities to force some of those fumbles.”


On if he had doubt about who would play quarterback for WSU “Oh yeah. For sure. We were expecting (Luke) Falk to play. You always prepare for the best. It is what it is.”


On things snowballing for the defense in the second half “Oh yeah. Once we got that score, that first score on defense, those are huge momentum swings.”


On Sidney Jones “He’s extremely smart. Not only talented, but a smart player and competitive as anybody. He’s just executing and competing at a high level right now. All those guys have been doing that all season long. He’s not the only one, but for sure.” Top Stories