VIDEO: Washington Receiver Chico McClatcher Post-Game - Apple Cup's Kim Grinolds spoke with freshman receiver Chico McClatcher after he scored a touchdown and finished with 73 all-purpose yards as the Washington Huskies destroyed No. 20 Washington State 45-10 in the Apple Cup, played Friday at Husky Stadium.

On the win “It felt great. It felt great. All week in practice we just executed well in practice and we got away with the ‘W.’”


On his touchdown run “When they called my personnel I was excited. I just knew it was going to be a touchdown really. It felt good.”


On how fun it is to be a part of this rivalry having grown up in the area “It feels good. My mom went here and she ran track here from 1992 to 1994 and she was telling me all the time ‘WSU-UW, it’s a big rivalry and we’ve won most of them.’ It feels great to add another win to it.”


On seeming more confident today “Really it’s just thanks to all the players. They just gave me that confidence. Coaches trust me enough to put the ball in my hands and see what I do with it. It was definitely a confidence builder for me and we executed plays right.”


On if handing him the ball was part of the game plan “Really it kind of was in the game plan. They understand they want to move me around because I can catch and run the ball. It’s whatever the coaches want. I’m ready to step in and do whatever I can on offense.”


On if his role now is similar to what he did in high school “It is a lot similar because really they just moved me around in high school and used me as a running back kind of. But my freshman year I loved it really. They moved me around, put me in spots I could succeed in, and eventually it worked.”


On former Huskies that came in to talk about the importance of the Apple Cup “Definitely. Jermaine Kearse, Lawyer Millow, Michael Jackson, they just really pumped us up. Warren Moon, obviously.”


On if any of their words resonated with him “Really they said ‘kick their ass really.’ That’s it. They definitely gave us good speeches. Talked about how this rivalry is huge for us and we just can’t lose really.”


On Myles Gaskin “Myles (Gaskin), he’s definitely a great back. He’d probably be up top, better than Bishop (Sankey). Us being local guys it definitely is a good thing to get a ‘W’ against WSU and we get to see what the future holds for us. Hopefully we do great things.”


On what a big win to end the regular season does for the group “Definitely it just pumps us up more. It depends on what bowl game we get in. This game was for the seniors really and we wanted to end it with a win.”


On if the Arizona State second half was ever in their minds when up 17-3 at half today “Unfortunately we didn’t finish that game. All season long, all practice coach (Chris) Petersen was like ‘we have to finish.’ If we finished against the other teams like Oregon and Utah the record would speak for itself. We just have to finish really.”


On how many Cougars he knows “I don’t really know any of them, but I just don’t know. I have a lot of friends that go there from my high school. They were talking a lot to me trying to get in my head.”


On if this win means more for a local kid like himself “Yeah. It does have a lot more meaning. Like I said, this game was for the seniors and we did it.” Top Stories