VIDEO: Friday Press Briefing - Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke to the media Friday ahead of their Sunday night game versus Cal State-Fullerton. He talked about the Huskies' road trips to China and The Bahamas, and what he's learned so far from his young team.

How did the team hold up? At this point we’re recovering pretty well. Got rough in the Bahamas, but holding up okay. Knew the schedule, it was going to take every bit in us to fight through it. Tried to schedule it so we were at least a week removed and have more days off. That was by design, because it was going to take time to recover from. Impressed with how our guys handled in and fought through. Not undefeated, but not due to a lack of effort.

What did you learn about the team? Like coaching them, know that much. Have multiple playmakers and there’s a passion that was confirmed. 

Would you do it again? No, probably not. Just happened because Gonzaga and Texas did it, but they are more veteran teams. We were a young team attempting to do it. You can have a plan going there, but coming back is where it’s rough. And the Texas thing just worked out that way. Not ideal, but not that big of a deal. But going to China was incredible. Our guys had a blast. If they had a chance to do it again, they’d do it. Off the court was tremendous.

Fouls - Actually thought by the Charlotte game our guys began to adjust. Andrew defended the ball at times about as well as you can do it without touching the player. Trying to remove the fouls that have to do with freedom of movement, like slaps, reaches, etc…

Harder for the bigs because they aren’t as big? The fouls that we’re trying to avoid don’t really have to do with post or the back court. More about us being late and reaching. Always thought the emphasis would be guarding the dribble but now it’s off-the-ball too. Don’t think that’s right.

Is the game going in the right direction with this emphasis? Don’t know but if we stick to this, everyone will pack it in. That makes for a slower game. We would consider zone if we have to, but we have to learn how to defend first. Tom Izzo quotes as saying that it makes the game different. He doesn’t fault them because they don’t get graded as high if they don’t make those calls. Also applies to setting screens. When contact is made you have to be a statue - that’s the rule. 

On Andrew going to the line - That’s the flip side of all this. I might be whining about it, but we have to also use it to our advantage. Andrew was already good at drawing fouls, but now he’s really good at it.

He’s also your second-best rebounder - We are an all-hands-on-deck team when it comes to rebounding. It’s the case now with Andrew and Dejounte. But Andrew has always been a good rebounder. 

Best three-game stretch for him? Don’t know. Have to go back and look. In league he was scoring in double-figures last year. Not totally new for him. Scored 35 in a game. He can score the ball. He’s getting to the line, but he’s also a good shooter. 

Fullerton - Their guards can score, a handful to defend. The last time we played them it went to the wire, but different staff now. The new staff has them believing and they are playing with a lot of confidence. Top Stories