VIDEO: Friday Press Briefing - Washington Guard Andrew Andrews spoke Friday with Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews, who was named Pac-12 Player of the Week for his three-game effort in The Bahamas. There he averaged 23.7 points, 10.0 rebounds and 4.7 assists as the Huskies went 1-2 versus Gonzaga, Texas, and Charlotte.

Still jet lagged? No, back to regular time zone. Pat Jenkins did a great job of getting adjusted. We’d stay up late to help fight jet leg. They did all the research. Hit it on the way back, but it was okay. 

What did you learn about the team? We don’t quit. Already knew it but it stayed true.

Was that the best three-game stretch you’ve had? I guess you could say that. Some people would say last year. At times I needed to be more aggressive, so whatever is best for the team at the moment. 

Getting to the line - Combination of the way they are calling the games and having more of the ball. 

Art to it? Will says it’s an art, but I don’t see how it’s that hard. 

Fouls - Trying to deny a lot, too close so we grab. Working a lot on staying in lanes and not reaching. 

8 game home stretch - Playing at home gives us the extra energy, especially playing in front of the Dawg Pack. Need to settle in on practicing and staying home does that. Just get to focus on ourselves. 

Young guys adjusting - Each player is getting progressively better. We practice like it’s a game and it’ll carry over to the games.

Different home compared to away? For this team, because a lot are from here it matters more. Before it wasn’t as local, but this team is very Washington-based. Having friends and family watching you makes a difference. 

Second time versus Texas Before the game Will said it wasn’t AAU anymore. That was our approach, so we thought we could beat them again. But every game matters. 

Next steps - Play defense without fouling, picking spots, and blocking out. Everybody crashing boards, getting second-chance points.

Fullerton game a couple years back - Lots of free throws and Abdul getting back spasms. I got thrown in there. Don’t remember points, but it was a good game and we won. 

Scouting Fullerton? Usually two days before so we’ll hear about them today.

Rebounding Usually right place right time, but with our bigs getting boxed by their bigs we’ve been able to sneak in and get some. 

Best advice from Will so far - Try and get guys involved in practice. They can go astray if they aren’t getting what they need. Just trying to keep that going. Top Stories