VIDEO: Friday Press Briefing - Washington forward Noah Dickerson spoke Friday with Washington freshman forward Noah Dickerson, as the Huskies begin a stretch of eight home games - their first comes Sunday versus Cal State-Fullerton.

Said the main thing they learned in the Bahamas was that when they didn’t do exactly what coach told them to do it doesn’t turn out the way they want it to. And they always have to come out and play with energy all the time. 

On Texas - hard to beat them two times in a row. They came out with energy. 

On 8-game home stand - Great, great to get some rest, have the home crowd with them. They will thrive off the energy.

On Gonzaga’s front line - Big and skilled. All could pass, they knew how to maneuver around, seal, etc…

On foul trouble - This is how they are going to call the games this year. More fouls. Something the whole team has to work on. Leading the nation in fouls. Aggressive, but still could avoid a lot of fouls. I need to move my feet and use quickness. 

When you watch tape, what do you see? - I would like the refs to let us play in the post, but most guys I go against are bigger than I am. They call touch fouls for everybody on the court, just have to deal with it. 

Lot of fouls could have been avoided, but most are reaches and touches. Need to play defense the right way, look for steals and deflections instead of just reaching in. Have to play position defense.

On going for blocks - Most of fouls just come from touches, not a foul trying to block. Even if you don’t block the ball, you change the shot. Malik is good at that. Have to be better coming on the weak side to help when someone goes for the block. 

See Fullerton play Seattle U? - That will help, but we have a lot of film on them already.

Charlotte - Tired the first half, but caught second wind in the second half. Reminded me of AAU days - three games in three days.

Better at home or on the road? - Of course better at home, because of the home court advantage. Thrive off the energy. Play harder on defense. More of the calls go our way. 

Next stretch of games - Huge going into conference play. Need the rest but also get to hone in on things. We need the practice. 

Identity - Used to what player like to do Malik is a great rebounder and shot blocker. Great in the post, good at getting rebounds. Devenir is a great rebounder, great defender. Really good shooter. Marquese is a pogo stick. He can block shots, rebound, run the floor, shoot. Me, do whatever coach wants me to do. All I want to do is win. Top Stories