VIDEO: Washington Tight End Josh Perkins Bowl Announcement Briefing

Washington Senior Tight End Josh Perkins spoke to the press Sunday after it was announced that the Huskies would face Southern Mississippi in the Heart of Dallas Bowl on Saturday, December, 26th at the Cotton Bowl.

On getting a chance to play one more game “It’s a great opportunity for us, we’re excited to go play in Dallas. We’re ready to keep taking the steps we’ve been taking as a team and go out and compete for this final game.”

Did you watch Southern Miss the other day? “No, haven’t looked at anything on Southern Miss yet. As soon as I can I’ll get in the film room and see what they are all about.”

Type of opponent you’d probably not know a lot about “Yeah. Haven’t seen them at all, pretty much not at all. I’m going to try and see what they’re all about. Southern Miss, they look like a good team so far. I’ve looked at a couple games but not really in-depth yet. I’ll be good.”

What should people know about a 6-6 UW team? “They don’t know how hard we play. They don’t know that 6-6, we could be 10-2. Regardless of what everybody else thinks of us, it doesn’t matter. That’s just outside noise. We’re going to go in and compete as hard as we can.”

End of year this year like end of last year, playing your best - but something lost in last year’s bowl game. How do you remedy that? “Leadership. I’m one of the leaders on the team. Tani’s one of the leaders on the team. We’ve got to keep everybody focused on the goal, which is winning the bowl game. Last year we didn’t have a great feeling after we lost that game, so this year we’re going to come in with an even better mindset.”

People say the ones that do the best in bowl games are the ones that want to be there the most “We’re excited to go to the game. We’ve been working really hard these last couple weeks to get the opportunity to go to this game, so we’re not going to take anything for granted.”

On Brent Pease leaving and changing the receiving dynamic “For me personally I don’t know if it impacts me too much. Coach Bush Hamdan is going to do a great job with those receivers. He’s going to have them ready for the game.”

How important is it to finish out playing five-straight bowl games? “It’s important. Of course I want to leave U-Dub on a good note, always want to leave with a W. I’ve got a W on my chest so might as well leave with one.”

And practicing already today, how was that like? “I thought we had great energy when we were out at practice today. I think everyone was a lot more refreshed. We got a little rest this week. I feel like we were all ready to go and we’re excited to get ready for this game.”

Already talk to your family about trying to spend Christmas with them in Dallas? “Actually just got off the phone with my Mom and my sister and they’re trying to make plans to the game right now. My sister actually went to Baylor, so she knows a couple people in Texas. She’s trying to get out there for the game.” Top Stories